New players pirat team

Team name: VengefulOnes

League: plat 3

Language: English

Atlas: yes
Age: 18+
Elites required: no
Line chat: yes

VengefulOnes is recruiting!! And we are a pirat team
We are looking for active players of all levels, even if you are new to the game we will train and guide you. We have many dedicated and knowledgeable players who frequently provide information and update our extensive wiki library. Our requirements are simple and as follows:

Main game requirements:

7/8 team prize
wars are mandatory
all quests must be done daily

Atlas requirements:

15 prize minimum in all events

Minimum troop count in barracks must be respected
Castle assignments must be respected
1600 troops a day minimum
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awesome team for anyone looking give them a shout!

I think you mean pie - rat