New players sigils & seasons

Can u make this any harder for new players plz.!!!
Ive waisted 2ish months of collecting sigils n gone along several lines learning about the game.
Basicly ive got nowhere v fast!
A refund would be apreciated so i and other new players dont feel like they have waisted time & effort
Now to find how to do that!

How do i go about a refund so i can go along 1 line?

You’ll be ready for next season… you already knew that you started late, so you could have saved resources instead of blaming PG for not planning. As you level, the easier PvP events will be as well, unless you’re in too high of a league relative to level/dragons.

Refunds are handled by the applicable app store, but this is a bit ridiculous for a refund.

Edit: Because the first post was edited :rofl: Sigil refunds, unlikely to happen, are handled by support, but I don’t really want to sic you on them…

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How about you start playing properly using all you’ve learnt for next season which is in 8 days? Not that long a wait!

Good luck!

I had also thought of that but isnt it a bit of a waste of time and effort on neewbies.puts me right of the game.
N no i dont think it a stupid req.
I put in that effort!

Stuff next season.
If this is how the game is 4 new ppl.

Entitlement much?

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Its not i started tooo late
I was learning about the game.

You want to be paid for learning the game? This isn’t on-site job training…

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Who r u.?
Thats sooo supportive of u for new payers.

Everyone makes mistakes wolfie. A baby doesn’t start racing 100m Olympics when they’re born. Have some perspective here and be grateful you have all those who have gone before you like forScience and Red etc who will give you free advice on how to play this game well.

@ModMat @Psarus can we close this please - it’s getting ridiculous.

Edit I just saw the above and if you don’t know forScience and what’s he’s done for the playing community then I’m sorry but you need to do more research.


Google rulith.wix read it, then learn from from your mistakes. you’re asking for them to fix your problems, the same problems almost all of us faced when we began… should they fix everyone’s mistake? Nope

How about propper support n info for new players who shell out on dragons like ember and newman.
Luckily i havent n i wont be either.
I took ember to blue but i wont be going no further.
I wanted to tho.

Numans a stupid price to in the store.
Ember has more power.

You are right here in the support and info source. Use the search button - it is your friend.

Almost everyone made the mistake you did. Learn from it and grow from it, or stop playing the game. In the future, there are resources for these things, which is on you to look for.

If you Google “War Dragons Season Planning” you can find information written by yours truly. Here is a more easily accessible version:

As far as this:

How about propper support n info for new players who shell out on dragons like ember and newman.

Darling I hate to break it to you, but there are people who spend more in one day than 10 people who maxed Ember. Yes, I am saying there are people who have spent at least $1,000 a day on this game. Welcome to the community, and please, wipe the entitlement off your face before moving on. You’ll have a better time this way.


Also were did i mention pg!

Well they shud sort it.



Yeah, they’re TRYING to help you…they are. But you aren’t exactly making it easy.

Sort it as in tell you in game “HEY DO THIS AND THIS AND THIS AND THIS AND THIS”? That’s an awful way to play. If you want to be competitive, do some work. Wow.

I wasted my season too, and willing to bet while spending a lot more time and effort in the process of wasting it at that lol. Instead of yelling at people ask for help, you’ll find most people do want to help. Use this to learn to have a strong winter season, just learn better than I did during the summer lol.

Edit: Or quit.