New Primarch tier - yes again

I know there have been a bunch of topics on this. The last one is closed. Can we please, please, please get a new Primarch tier? I know not everyone needs one but some of us are getting really bored. Primarch levelling event coming up again and I have no primarchs to level and no riders to level. No possible way to get any points in the event. It’s been more than long enough for a new tier to come out. @PGGalileo please bring this forward again.


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they already said new tier will come out soon

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Soon is subjective. Soon for me could be tomorrow. Soon for them could be in 12 months. :man_shrugging:

When you have successive atlas events where you can’t score points at all and get any timers or crafting shards from them maybe you’ll understand a little more. That feedback was also weeks ago and I haven’t seen anything else since, although I definitely might have missed something. There are for sure hundreds of people in my situation where everything is done. There are thousands who have at least one maxed Primarch and could level into the next tier already.

No this isn’t a topic for the casual player for sure, but those of us who waste way too much of our life on here wouldn’t mind having something else to focus on. This atlas season was over weeks ago already. Would be nice to have some purpose to getting glory right now.


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Exactly for not being in the situation you are, I leveled only one Primarch twice every Atlas Prim events. I have GP on them to max them out, but I decided that lower points are better than no points at all. I do hope PG brings the new ones sooner than later though.

already said we was

Yeah I’ve already acknowledged that. So I will again. I know they’ve said it’s coming. But when? Next week? Next month? Next year? I figure if nobody posts any more about it then it will drop down low on the priority list and, while it will come eventually, it could still be months off.

There are already a lack of things to do in this game at endgame. We don’t need another thing added to the list. The double glory felt great while we were getting it but I was dreading how early the season would end because of that. I always try to plan my glory out so my season only ends only a week or two early. This season ended way too many weeks early this time even though I was trying to slow it down.

Levelling primarchs is the only reason I would have left to want to get glory in atlas. That ended even before this atlas season did though so now there is boredom or troops spent for not a lot of reward. Either one is not ideal. On the plus side I’m building up troops really fast now to use up next season :man_shrugging:

most likely new atlas season

31 days left in the current season. That means 3 more Primarch events with 0 points before we have a new season. When they said it’s coming a few weeks ago I was definitely hoping it would come before the next season. You may very well be right, but that’s an assumption for sure. I’m going to continue hoping for earlier than that. Next week would be better!


I am pretty sure Atlas would be less stagnant if it wasn’t so punishing for the most active players. Whether it’s lost timers from lack of primarch upgrades, or the permanent troop death from any glory acquired after maxing the season

Looking forward to it. Reason to be sniping again.

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How many points did you score more than needed in every event?
I am doing my points and still have 2 riders to level COMPLETELY, and some primarch levels that will be enough till season end?
But yes, soon means something different for us than PG. They said 1.5 years ago that the base boost will come soon… came last week :man_shrugging:

And now they are talking about delaying the next atlas season. Who knows how long? May mean yet more weeks of Primarch events without anything to level up. Sigh. I’m sure it’s for a good reason but feels like another potentially punitive change for some of us. Grumble grumble grumble. Lol