New Projectile Towers

Hey PG & the WD community,

now that the originally announced Elemental Flak Family was fully released with the latest addition of the Ice Flak, it‘s time to talk about future base and tower diversification.

When we compare projectile to elemental (non projectile) towers, we can say that there are basically:

  • 3 projectile damage towers (Cannon/Archer/Treb)
  • 1 projectile low damage tower (Ballista, just ignore this one)


  • 6 elemental damage towers (Dark Flak, Fire Flak, Ice Flak, Ice Turret, Fire Turret, Lightning)
  • 1 elemental low damage/support tower (Storm)

Basically, this is 3 projectile towers vs. 7 elemental towers of which 2 are semi premium and 3 are premium towers.

As I‘ve heard rumors about possible additions to the Elemental Flaks, I would like to propose a new projectile tower to be added next.

Here are some ideas to spark the discussion, which are not necessarily part of this proposal
  • The new projectile tower could be a semi premium tower (way for PG to make money) which uses larger quantities of either Ice or Fire Shards (make those gold chest drops worth something again).
  • Since projectile towers fire fairly slow and can be easily dodged, a new tower could function like a Minigun and deal a constant stream of instant-damage with small projectiles. Those projectiles can‘t be dodged so easily and grant more diversity to the base layout, eventually with a greater range than normal towers.
  • A new tower could also work vastly different than damage towers. Think about a support tower that shoots projectiles like heavy metal hooks with ropes attached. The regular attack would fire quickly and deal a great amount of damage per hit but needs a much longer time to reload. The super attack would attach the hooks to the dragon and pull him with the ropes so he would be confused and debuffed. Due to the debuff maybe the dragon will tale in reased damage and shoot targets randomely while gaining a rage bar (hunters would waste some ammo shooting randomely, warriors and sorcs would also spray damage across many towers). This would be quite interesting to see if making the dragon more angry (charging it with rage) is worth it to have a chance at killing it faster and wasting its ability to focus fire on key targets.

Let me know if you think we need a new projectile tower!

Also feel free to come up with ideas how a new tower could diversify our bases!

Please stay on topic and be respectful :v:t2:


You want a new non-elemental projectile tower but use elemental resources to build it?

Ice and Fire shards don‘t necessarily have to be elemental.
Elemental Embers however seem to be strictly elemental.

? Where are you getting this from? Fire and ice turrets are elemental. One could easily switch your statement around and be as correct as you: elemental embers don’t necessarily have to be elemental
Fire and ice shards seem to be strictly elemental.

We don’t need new towers and we certainly dont need yet another tower that needs some special resource. As it is this game is crazy! Lumber, pearls, embers, fire shards, and ice shards! 5 separate building resources is simply stupid. These resources water down gold chests and are frankly not needed.

We don’t need new towers, we need to fix the fundamental towers of this game. The Lightning, trebs, canons and archers need significant boosting! oh and i guess Balistas too lol. They are the fundamental towers of this game yet they are garbage. Until all towers are more equally balanced we certainly don’t need another new tower.

I know people will try to argue that these new stupid flak towers should be stronger because they require special resources that cost time and money. But to that I call BS. They should just be another tower with their own advantages and weaknesses. The one advantage they have and the only advantage they need over the main lumber based towers is that that don’t have an addeable resist. That’s a BIG advantage on its own and it’s the only advantage they need.


If this is rapid fire weapon, I can understand. However, if it’s instant damage, it doesn’t make sense as projectile tower.
IMO, the easiest method to consider whether one is projectile or not is Reverse Projectile (or Mystic Wind if you want to consider mage’s projectile as well).
Any projectile should be able to be deflected using such methods, and attacker should be able to see its projectile before hitting the dragon.

What you’ve proposed is likely non-elemental instant damage tower.

Honestly, I don’t mind about the resources since Fire Turret, being one built with Fire Shard, is a semi-projectile tower (without SS, it’s a projectile tower).

For it to make sense that the towers consume fire/ice shards, they would have to have either theme. It would be cool if they used BOTH and had some sort of normal attack from one element and a supershot from the other.

I like this idea. The ropes/chains could slow the dragon down significantly to give towers like fire turrets time to wind up and fire, etc. Could also hinder Necryx in that the elemental barrier wouldn’t necessarily last long enough to avoid 100% of the elemental damage without more precise timing.

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What about BALLISTAS? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

lol fine ill edit it to include those…

Adding something: somebody should do something to make ballistas better because they suck.

I like the thought, but I think it is far more important to get the towers that we do have to where they “should” be (all of them) before we look to ask for more towers.

Just my opinion.


They’ve tried 4-5? Times to make them better aaaaaand they still suck. It just takes too long for the projectile to get to the dragon, then once it’s there, it takes too long to do damage or is easily out healed or negated. If people can blink flaks, they’re not going to have an issue dodging a ballista.

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@Lutrus Look, this was simply an idea to also address the flood of shards from gold chests along with the proposal of introducing a new projectile tower. Also the material itself doesn‘t have “elemental” in the name, hence the logic I applied. But tbh, it doesn‘t have to make any sense to work as a good solution. Actually it was just creativity and not part of the actual proposal.
I‘m not sure if you would prefer to dilute chests even more with a new currency instead.

@MikesGoN2GetU This is why I suggested the use of currencies that are still dropping in the thousands and everyone used to complain about them making gold chests useless.
Also, this proposal has nothing to do with tower balance. Tower balance is already being worked on and will roll out in a few days. (@SavageAFforPG tagging you aswell here)
There will be new towers. It‘s up to us to propose for useful towers that bring diversity or to wait for 5 more Flak Towers.

@OrcaFrost if the projectiles fly fast enough, it would make sense to have them deal nearly instant damage just like elemental attacks, while still allowing them to be reversed or inverted if you react quickly.

they arn’t though. after update all the lumber towers will still be dramatically weaker than the special resource towers…

this game has plenty of towers as is… until they fully address the ones we have i just dont see a reason to give PG more reasons to try to distract us with a shiny new tower.

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Ok @Lutrus that is true. The whole idea of ballistas suck

Which is why I said I liked the idea. Tower balance is being worked on, but it is very much an iterative process. All I meant was that before adding additional variables to the equation, we should balance it first.

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I‘m with you on this one.
Although historically this has never happened as PG always rolls out new content while attempting to fix old content.
It‘s going to be the same with tower balance. Right before fort they will release the balance update, then during fort you will see new shiny lvl65 towers to stop Destar and the upcoming mythics. PG won‘t wait and stop making money.

However, I‘m not asking for a new projectile tower tomorrow.
I‘m asking for the next tower they release to be a creative and affordable projectile tower instead of yet another Flak :wink:


@MareZ thanks for bringing up a great topic for discussion.

  1. Treb’s are basically another low attack tower, i really only think that cannons and archers are the only viable projectile towers out there and both can be resisted with add on resists
  2. I like the idea of building a “non-elemental” style tower out of ice/fire shards. What we could do is add an beam style fire _____ and a projectile Ice _______ to give people a few more options of where to use their fire/ice shards to help balance bases out.
  3. We would need an entirely new category of tower, basically a projectile version of the flaks. It could house the earth and wind versions (they wouldn’t necessarily be a flak in this case) and would be the correct place to add these.
    a. Earth buffs could be things such as adding defensive shields (storm style) to surrounding towers or rock walls that are inpenetrable for a duration while providing heavy damage. Something to give a premium option to a storm tower
    b. Wind buffs could be something like speeding up the dragon speed (similar to evasion) and providing very fast shooting arrows and perhaps a damage buff to surrounding towers.

So yeah, overall i do think that projectiles and elementals need to have some balance put into place here. I also think that we need to limit the amount of flaks/premium towers that a person can use on the base. 8 of each type is way way too many, something like 2 of each type or something may be nice.

Premium: 2 of each type
Semi-Premium: 2 of each type

EDIT: Fire turrets are elemental, my bad i figured they were normal since they had a projectile normal shot


I like this idea. Kind of like a Gatling gun. Could have a high fire rate and then a noticeable pause (for reloading) or something like this. Give it a different cadence to all existing towers. Use creative license, it fires Hellfire bullets thus needs fire shards haha.


Fire turret is not elemental? I feel like we’re conflating terms here. Would it not be both elemental and projectile?