New PvP event - Infected (Last Team Standing)

Thought it would be interesting to have a WD take on the old “zombie”/last man standing multiplayer.

5 hour rounds.

  1. Each team starts with (for example) ~250,000 VP
  2. All VP is automatically reduced by 50k vp per hour from “zombie” attacks
  3. Teams earn VP to stay above 0 by attacking other teams or a blackblood base. Multiplier starts at x1 regardless of PvP or Blackblood.
  4. Once a team hits 0 VP in a round, they become “infected.” The attack multiplier on infected teams attacks is limited to x1, but energy replenishment increases by 400% (so 4 energy replaced where 1 would currently be)
  5. Teams that remain “uninfected” have their attack VP multipliers increase as other teams become “infected”… For example as teams become “infected”: 1 team infected, all remaining teams have multiplier of = x 1.3, 2 teams=x 1.5, 3 teams = x 1.7, 4 teams = x 1.9… 20 teams = x 6.3, 21 teams = x 6.5, 22 teams = x 6.7, 23 teams = x 6.9 with 24 being x 20)

Note: Above multipliers are off the cuff and are just an example of progression. Actual multiplier numbers would likely need work to provide balance.

At the end of a round, it would theoretically be 24 v. 1 and the last team to be converted would get a VP bonus (or share if there are multiple teams remaining).

If all teams are converted and there is still time in the round, the remaining time you could just plink away at blackblood bases at x1 multiplier if the round finished “early.”

  1. No numbers on how many VP awarded each battle?
  2. How about personal points? (infected? uninfected?)

Personal points would be the same as normal PvP. VP awarded would be that score with any multiplier factored.

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