New PvP event PLEASE!

The PvP events have to be changed occasionally because they inevitably get boring. Here’s an idea I had for a new PvP event.

The event would have elements similar to Wars, and also similar to the old event Tug-Of-War. I also believe it wouldn’t be an event where its necessary to establish alliances which is one of the things that makes Fight Pits dull.

Each round (I think 6, 8, or 12 hours would be appropriate) there should be a number of teams (5 would be good for 6hr rounds, 8 with one group of 9 for 8 hour rounds, and 12/13 for 12 hour rounds) if the round that are in mini-war with each other. Each player would be allowed 1 attack against each enemy team. Based on the 7-flame system in wars would determine points.
7 flames = 100% points
6 flames = 95%
5 flames = 90%
4 flames = 80%
3 flames = 70%
2 flames = 60%
1 flame = 50%
0 flames = 0 points.

One issue players had with the Kingdom Wars update is that players would be forced to hit low PvE bases for fewer points to conquer the hex. To prevent that, once an enemy base is beaten, it DOES NOT get crossed off, meaning multiple players can hit for max points if they choose to. Winning team would steal a certain amount of points from the team(s) they beat. This could be a flat rate or percentage based like the PvP island in Team Gauntlet.

With only one attack per enemy team, this wouldn’t allow for grinding which is what PG needs for profit. Also, for fairness, only normal attacks should be allowed, similar to Temple guardians in Temple Raid.

To offset the desire to grind and get more points, each round should contain a PvE island, where VP is distributed in one of two ways:

  1. As a percentage from the maximum possible points.
  2. Tier based points (teams with over 1k points earn x VP, with over 5k VP earn more, etc.) This would be the preferred method, as it would be unfair if the top teams were all in the same grouping and weaker teams earned a larger amount of VP without actually scoring more points.

Energy reset should coincide with the rounds. I think this event could avoid the need for alliances, have a decent balance between PvP and PvE, bring back some of the War concept (which has become almost irrelevant), as well as give the recently designed “slow” dragons a purpose (Naja, Hauzeen, Noctarn).

Let me know what the rest of the community thinks!

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I like it, simple enough and also promotes team play to cover all enemy bases in the wars.

Basically the 12h team wars for team ranking and the PVE island grind for personal points and PG money.

Its similar to the team gauntlet event, except that the shitty 2min wars are replaced by the old school war system which can be finished within a longer time.

The problem is so far there is no use of mega coin, which PG probably wants. Any idea how to implement it?

Maybe it should differ a bit from the old war system in which 1 Kill is a KO.
Lets assume: A player is only KO’ed (crossed out) when a certain number (5000?) of damage points (125 normal attack, super 500, mega 30x 125) is achieved. If player A suffered damage but attacks an enemy B this damage will be subtracted from player A’s damage points, kind of heals him. When player A is knocked out he cant score any more points that round.

Killing players fast would be the incentive to buy mega coins). The team which kills more bases wins the round.

If a player is KO’ed he cant participate in the war anymore, but still can do the PVE base for personal points.

I think PG should look into this idea!

Only in the PvE portion of each round. If max VP require enough points in that portion I imagine people would still use megas to get them. It seems the same to me in Kingdom Wars, or maybe its just me that prefers to grind unless I want more points. In my ideal world the max payout for that portion would cost a considerable amount of Megas so that activity can make up for points lost in the war portion. This would also give PG their payday which they want.

Well compare your idea to:
A) Gauntlet: A super short battle which is pretty much determined by only megas
B) Fight pits: Dabbling for hours until shortly before megas are disabled, then every teams pushes in as many megas as possible.
C) Temple raid: Teams can be set back on their journey to the temple when other teams attack them, thus giving incentive for megas.

There is a need for megas, with your idea its just kind of idle farming. Dont get me wrong I like your idea, it would be super fun. But PG doesnt earn enough money. Sadly this is more important than the fun factor for PG.

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I think it’d be better to not have a KO at all. Lets remember that for super active teams that means some poor player is going to be attacking for the 75 point player, or at least close to it. Also, if it takes a mega and speed is involved, you’re talking about one mega, per enemy team, per round. That’s worse than this last Gauntlet was, it becomes way too expensive.

This I totally understand, I’d really like there to be a good balance between not too expensive and still needing some megas so that PG makes their money.

Yep true, maybe code it so that 25+% under your level gives 75 points, same level 100 points and anything 25+% above your gives 125. This would actually solve the issue low level players have when they play in a high league relative to their level, when they can only attack 90 point bases or so.

Maybe only war 1 team at a time then? More boring than warring 6 teams at once but also interesting in my opinion. During that 6-12h fight you would kill more players from the same team. If you get KO’ed you could still assist fellow teammates.

Perhaps with 4 hour rounds that would probably work great, 4 days of that would mean 24 rounds, meaning 1 war with each team in the league. With a flat rate VP earned for winning a mini-war (or flat rate based on the difference in points).

I would put a limit on how many points each player can earn for their team in each mini-war as well, otherwise it’ll once again become like gauntlet where you’re forced to drop mega after mega to be competitive as a team. If each player needs 5k points to be knocked out then each player can only earn 5k points in each mini-war just like they can only earn 7 flames in a real war. Perhaps also just make all bases worth the same amount of points. If the big player hits the smallest enemy player it’ll just take away opportunities from others. Dropping 24 megas in an event would earn PG plenty, although its more likely to be 12 to 18 for most people. As long as its not speed based players are free to use supers or grind singles if they choose to so it won’t feel as much like a money-grab as Gauntlet was.

Personally I don’t like the idea of not being able to attack once KO’d, that would be really rough for players that have tough schedules which I know would be a problem in lower leagues. Anyway you cut it though, there needs to be a PvE portion so that players can continue getting points after they can’t hit in the PvP portion.

Sounds good too! I really dont care as long its something new… :stuck_out_tongue:

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