New PvP Gold Rush

I have an idea for a new pvp. For any that have played Call Of Duty the plunder mode where you collect money and want to be the richest player or team at the end. Essentially you hit varying leveled NPC bases or player bases to collect gold you then have to fly a scaled difficulty base to bank the gold you’ve collected the more you collect the harder it will be. Maybe there can be the addition of mines or even have it have a map similar to kingdom wars where teams need to claim gold rich territories. Let em know what y’all think :grin:

What about teams that don’t have atlas? :slightly_smiling_face:

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It has nothing to do with atlas just a pvp that has gold haha, could also help players who don’t have atlas learn about gold.

I did draw inspiration from atlas however

More details? Like how players get individual / team points, etc.

Depends on the case, can be a good idea.
Still, might swap all Atlas terminologies with other names to prevent confusion with Atlas.

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True it’s a rough idea so maybe we mine gems instead of gold to avoid the atlas connect and I’m not sure of how many points you get per gem/gold you bank. It’s more something for them to figure out if they actually run with the idea.

Hmm, that would be an interesting pvp,

Individual and team points would be determined by how much is banked by the player filling the treasury.

Will still need a baseline on how players get points.

If no energy, then we need something to limit it reasonably. E.g. no energy shouldn’t have “obtained rss” as personal points as it’s abusable. Also, we need to consider as well that points shouldn’t be decreased.

Perhaps some detailed scenario to help visualizing the idea.

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We have enough pve events masquerading as pvp. I love flying krelos as much as the next guy but please no.

I wholly agree with that statement haha it was an idea Ive had for a bit and admittedly I didn’t put much thought into the actual logistics of the event. I would want it to be more actual pvp rather than the pve. I wanted to basically put it out there and see the reception of the idea and if people liked it then I would really get into the way it would run.

I appreciate any and all suggestions haha

I think the basics of your idea is good. It reminds me a lot of fight pits. Where you fight other teams to have more points (money) at the end of the round.

Yeah I wanted to have that vibe where if you didn’t bank the gold or whatever you could lose it similar to VP.

what if u could defend a pve bases

So far I don’t think we can give proper feedback since the idea is so vague - but if you develop it into something more concrete, that would help us visualize it a lot more etc. :slight_smile: For what it’s worth, it sounds like it can be interesting, but I can’t tell for sure without extra details.