New Recruitment

Lineage Dragon:

About:Looking for new recruits Team Plat 2 Angry Jorns, TheReaperCrew, 350+

If youre looking for memebers…

Might I suggest letting the players know a little bit more about you guys?

Like is your team pirates in atlas or do you have an alliance, if you have an alliance you dont need to say the name just a simple "we do have an alliance with teams " is enough.
Do you guys do raids in atlas or not?
How do you guys fair in regular game events? Does your team get 8/8 and all of that good stuff?
Are you a talkative team that like to chat about stuff outside of the game or are you guys strictly game talk only?

The LFM tag to me is kinda like jobs posting new postions in a company. The job usually describes the postion theyre hiring for and with possible pay.
The LFT tag to me is kinda like someone applying to a job. You tell the company what you bring to the table.