New red/ blue arch mage glyph questions!

Hello! Question?
The arch mage glyph they are offering this week, does anyone know what the boosts are or is it just hp boost? And does it boost both the red and blue arch mage if both are on the same island? Or is it just for one or the other?
I know this might be a stupid question but 17k sigils is a lot and I just want to make sure what I am getting before I get it.
Also of corse the big question is do you think it’s worth getting!?

10% and 5% HP for the main/secondary archmage. it will boost both red or blue archmages for the relative %, it works the same as other runes/glyphs


Expert it boost 10% hp arch red and 5% hp arch blue.

It Upgrade all the arch towers covered by the obelisk where you position it!


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