New rider release for winter season?

My understanding was that one of the riders was going to be released today.
If I am mistaken, can you please let me know the correct date?
If it indeed is today, what time will the rider be released?
Thank you.


Yep was looking for it just now as well :unamused:

Between the hours of 12:01 am and 11:59 pm… haha.

I think we would all love to know. I was expecting it roughly the time the event went live, but hey team awards came out. Maybe that is instead of the rider.

A lot of games have the problem of not setting good expectations, so I’m a bit desensitized. Noctua needs a new rider!

Kayla, the Fiend Slayer, is our Dragon Rider set to come out in the coming days. She will be available later in the week.

thank you…hopefully Friday? :wink:

Come on… not good. Over promising and under delivering

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Will this happen before the end of this event ?

Will anything else get released later in the week? New tier perhaps?

We’ll find out soon! :wink:

We are aiming for Kayla to release before the breeding event is over!

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50% discount is what I heard from stream. Am I correct? And is this for the whole season or not?

See other notes here.

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Got it cool thanks

this sunday ?

Would be nice to know the type and spells of the main warrior dragon, si we could know if we want to choose the ryder or not… Since any discount on him will prolly not last forever


How do you obtain her? She is not in the prize branch for herself like grogg was.

She has her own line page when entering season rewards. Mines located far left before the dragons. If it’s not there perhaps you need to update.

I can see that, but there is no actual prize in that area that shows you that you have obtained her. Or do you have to obtain all the shards that level her up to unlock her?

You only need the first reward of 5 shards. Then you can hire her with said shards

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Bingo - what wolf said.

You can goto any dragons rider tab and see that the hire cost for Kayla (shown for all) is 5 proprietary shards, the same as it is for all. (Atlas riders have generic shards)

Once you collect the first shard prize you can hire her.

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