New Rider Release?


Does anyone have any idea when the new rider will be released? If so, will it be held priced like grogg? Sitting on some sigles, wondering if I should save them or not.


If you don’t have access to Atlas, I don’t think you can expect any new rider before the next winter season in my opinion, but you can still save your sigils til the end of the season just in case and make your choice before the season ends.

I warn you however, sigils DO NOT carry over between season (Fall to Winter) nor Year (Fall 2017 to Fall 2018) so use your extra sigils for this Fall season only or you will lose them :wink:.


No I do not have access to the atlas feature yet. I saw the creation of the new rider so I figured that they would be releasing it soon.


I read this new rider created by the community on twitch would be for Spring, because they have been working on Winter Season for a while now. There may still be a rider in Winter season, but that’s one PG planned a few weeks or months ago.


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