New rider ‼️SPOILERS‼️

Here it is…

Here is what I think the new rider will be.

Might be right. Looks quite familiar

I agree. And hope it’s really her haha


You’ll just have to wait and see :wink:

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Will the rider be reduced for the first 2 weeks?

The riders in Atlas and gear is it better and stronger then what’s found on the rider sigil lines?

Atlas riders and gear are more powerful when maxed than Grogg. However they are much harder to max out. Can’t be sure this season will be the same but it’s likely

I hope pg provide legendary gear items items instead of rare with new riders. It does not make sense to max out rider with rare items specially for folks who don’t have atlas.

i hope the rider will have the same price as grogg , so half of a dragon path :slight_smile:

The new rider is the fiend slayer lol :joy:

I’m going to die if if the new dragon rider is this monstrosity of a man with muscles bulging and just some accessory on the back that imitate wings when put as a silhouette. My biggest all time fear.


You’re not making any sense.
If someone doesn’t have Atlas, a seasonal rider with fully maxed rare gear (which is even stronger than fully maxed rare Atlas gear) is the best thing they can get.

Heck, I have Atlas and I maxed Grogg which was one of the best and most worthwhile investments of my sigils.


That will definitely make quite a beautiful and desirable rider to obtain! I can’t wait to see!

All I want is a rider of an element I can use lol. I’m pretty sure that this season I will get nothing much as my guess is, the riders will be of elements I have no use for, and I fly hunters almost exclusively so since Avyx is useless I highly doubt I’m getting a dragon.

PS. I kind of want the riders to be the same price as grogg since then I can finish both rider lines instead of a dragon this season.

PS.S. If anyone has Avyx is around, any thoughts? Just seems to me like a B-Tec Borgian and honestly Aster is looking better.

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Arent the drags also the same price (25k)? If i remember correctly they were last season and the total price didnt change

Avyx is a very decent hunter, more power than aster and snowdrop, and high survivability :man_shrugging:t3:I know it’s hard to see avyx come after the likes of necryx, but if you have healmark glyphs, he’s a pretty darn decent, well rounded hunter.

Dont have him, but if the warrior suck i might get him…! During that pvp event I realize Borgian was not quite a good fit to follow Necryx… since that Tbolt just destroy all the strategie of Necryx with sandstorm…!

Avyx may be a nice fit since you have that extra DPS with TF and you can target the towers you want and not unfreeze, lets say, the mage tower …!

With folks with atlas, at least they can forge and build legendary gear items for rider. My rant is about rider release with only rare level gear item instead of legendary gear items.

It comes with a maxxed our set of rare gear, or about $700 worth of gear. It also comes with a maxxed out rider, which is worth around 200k lost troops, so around another $2000.

So really if anything, line riders are vastly overpowered vs the cost of acquiring atlas riders and gear.

If its remotely as good as Groggy it would be an excellent investment.

I’m hoping they make it if you maxxed grogg, and both the seasonal riders this season, it will unlock a 4th rider with better skills/ maybe some epic gear