New rules are everything I thought they’d be

So, I was sniped last night by a level 560 player for next to no glory. This same player ended up bubbling the castle as well.

I started questioning what my purpose was on that castle at all. A level 400 isn’t even a speed bump to a 560. What’s the point of even being there? I can’t see that it helps the team at all.

My team is urging me to take this Atlas elite deal, which I won’t, but the normal price is $20/mo. Someone help me out here please. I can’t figure out why I should spend $20/mo to buy more glory for some random level 560 player. I’ve heard of “pay to win”, but this feels more like “pay to be a fool”.

Other than the credit tribute, Atlas does nothing for low level players except maybe make event grinding a bit easier with some riders and gear. Until end game though, none of it matters in Atlas itself. I could triple my strength, but 3 times 0 is still 0. I can’t defend anything in atlas. My main goal is reaching level 700 and Atlas really doesn’t help much with that. I have a few elite gear sets and some riders now. What else do I need?

I don’t understand why I would ever pay a dime for atlas elite, much less $20. I can’t do anything noteworthy in atlas until I’ve gained another couple hundred levels. Is there some point to Atlas that I’m missing?


I can’t speak to your actual issue since I have no end game experience and am not even close. On a related side note:

Something needs to be done about how people kill people much lower than themselves just to increase the kill amount. It’s insane. It’s detrimental for lower levels entering atlas with access castles. Prims literally just die every single day if there are more than 3k troops. Experienced it myself. Same goes for your situation. Would the solution be to just eliminate monthly kills as a whole? Or put a limit on how low one can hit? I’m not sure.

Can you describe what happened with more specificity? I am particularly interested in knowing (1) if your prim was a taunter, (2) whether you were one of the top three prim loads, (3) how many troops you had loaded, (4) if, after the hit on you, did the attacker go for the guardz, and (5) if it was me.


I’m a 400.
Depends on the castles and what I can do there. Most of the time I just enfeeble and 70% quit.
Only time I get hit really is if I have a taunter

  1. Trapper
  2. Might have been top 3 (not sure)
  3. Bubbled castle and then wiped me last, apparently just for the heck of it
  4. Don’t think it was you, but doesn’t matter. I blame the system not the player.

Was only 4.2K troops, but still. How many times a day am I supposed to give away troops? And I’m certainly not going to restock them with real $$$ just so they can get killed again.

I’d be more ok with it if I thought I contributed at all to the team, but the simple fact is I contributed more to the attacking team by being there than helping my own team.

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The best way to figure out if someone is hitting you for lols or to get thru you to another target behind is to…drum roll…


Go petition PG for that. Please. Thank you.


So I take as a GPF member, you aren’t being listened to …

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Atlas favours lvl500 players and diamond teams. It’s not engineered for lower level players/teams. I have the same problem. I’m now level 400 but even when I was in the 300 I had level 500 players hitting me because teams have troop kill minimums. Unfortunately the game is dieing because of this, there’s not a lot in it for lower level players so people are just giving up, rather than progressing.

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There’s far more factors to consider than just this, but with that being said. There are people who do hit down massively for this sort of “reasoning” those kinds of players are lazy imo. If a team has a set kill quota to meet it should be more regulated. E.g. participation in raids over actual kills. All in all though I don’t agree with you when you say it favours 500+ and diamond. My level 50 and 480 both in gold and s2 can manage to get kills much easier than my 532 which is ranked fairly highly. It makes 500’s around 40-50% glory in itself. The higher rank the more it hinders you to have to hit lower than 550 unless T4/5 which is a rarity to find a low level on. To sum this little gibberish rant up pg could help everyone massively purely by making all teams accessible and tighten glory bands.


It’s probably more that this esteemed community would revolt. Because all those inherited safe internal castles are god-given and sacred.


My friend use the 6 alt mini taunter to deal with attacker
I aint touching that tbh
Just use those tactics

Team just came out with a new requirement of 10K per prim, so as I predicted last week, I may be LFG soon.

Thanks again PG


It is important to find a good balance. I would recommend 6-8K troops. Have seen 7.5M work well

And if you are afraid to get sniped then fine, go pirate

Its not fear of being sniped, but fact. Read my first message. I won’t buy atlas elite, so can’t afford to give away 3 days’ worth of troops every night for zero glory. I need those troops for my glory. It’s pretty simple math.

It’s not fear of being sniped that lead us to piracy we don’t become pirates out of fear of being attacked. lmao
We become pirates out of necessity due to burden of play and power creep and a host of other balance issues left festering within the meta!
And since this style of play allows us to keep attacking instead of constantly defending with our meager supply of troops it will be the preferred tactic of most activity based play styles.
So feel free pg to keep pushing offense on a defensive map and the end result will be unrivaled piracy!:+1::pirate_flag::sunglasses:

Every cause has its effect :man_shrugging:


I found elite was worth it, I did my maths on how many hours it would cost me daily to get the gold I do from one or two runs and just the hours I save per day was way worth it. For like 1 dollar a day or something I can train what people would have to grind a week for without elite, so found that my saving in ingame time was way worth the cost.

The hitting down, normally is because they wanna get past you, there really is not enough punishment for endgame bases hitting lower, but on the endgame players side if there was more punishment for hitting down then more higher ranked teams would just get more meat shield teams in front of them.

Easiest solution is disable your shield enfeeble them and krelos thier base, most high end snipers will stop if the shield is disabled.

For every player there’s going to be an individual experience that comes to mind when reading this post.

What I would like to highlight here from reading this is that perhaps there’s a market in it for development to try sell to those that will be getting beat up for no glory after these changes. Instead of considering the difference in need between diamond and plat there seems to be a marketing opportunity here.

It’s very suggestive that anyone who isn’t experiencing a positive change should just spend more money. Maybe that wasn’t thought of at all. Who knows but spending more money is definitely offered.

Also did anyone else notice their 75% off offer was closer to 55% or does it just depend on who you are??

Its the main reason I didn’t take the offer (which to their credit is 50% off normal price). I will not be forced to buy into a $20/mo subscription by PG.

Sure as heck won’t do it when I consider that fee pays for glory FOR OTHER PLAYERS. It is quite close to insane to me.

I like the game, but I don’t need atlas. I need an 8/8 team that will let me play atlas casual.

I have 12 keys so far, the 100% egg boost, 12K extra sigils, and over 500 gold chests and 3000 bronze. Tons of energy and IF. Thus I would consider myself active. But I simply have very little use for Atlas at my level. Certainly nothing that comes close to justifying the price.

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This sounds like the makings of a smorgasbord for teams/players of similar size.

You have 3 castles and 50 members and 150 prim slots. Why not rotate players out of castle duty to build troops? Also, why would you trade 10 gold bars for 15 gumballs?

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There are also players like myself who think when the meat shield disable shield that means they are enjoying my sniping and want to play and I keep hitting.

Imo what’s wrong with atlas is that there’s almost never good glory from getting hit. If defense glory was better people wouldn’t mind getting hit nearly as much. Glory should favor the attacker but it shouldn’t be miserable for the one getting hit. Just add some balance to defense glory. I know pg did but it wasn’t nearly enough and it only helped if you can actually stop 3 dragons. The 400 getting hit by the 550 is not going to ever stop 3 dragons