New rune/glyph idea

What if there was a rune that would give hunter dragons an extra ammo? I don’t know how they would level up or anything, but what do you all think?

This is already available…albeit very very rare

Oh I didn’t know that, I haven’t ever seen one either. That answers my question lol :joy:

I want a seasonal Dragon with a white spell that debuffs attack 25% but gives unlimited hunter ammo for 2 seconds with an mythical glyph that at expert brings it 12.5% and 3 seconds. At the end of the spell duration you still have full energy

Um… Light speed?

I want runes and Glyphs that work!!!



Ugh. Rub it in. I put mine on Ettin…and dusted it :man_facepalming:


Now if that rune was being given as an event prize I’d make sure to hit that prize tier!

How about it PG?

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He even got it to expert for that little extra rage. :smiley:

But yeah. This is the unicorn of runes. I personally know one person with it. And no, I don’t have it.

Pretty sure if this were a top prize in an event, I would either have to decide up front that I’m not spending or, I would be too weak to say no before it was over.

Maybe not… But the temptation would be very strong.

I’d trade in any three dragons for the Mythic Ammo Glyph with rage secondary. Lol.


Mythic ammo was #1 global reward close to a year ago I think

That explains why I haven’t heard of it! I never check the global leaderboards so that makes sense

I know.

I do not think the mythic has ever been available outside of that. I know the legendary has shown up a couple times… The most recent was in the Runic Chests 3 times ago… But again, I don’t know anyone who got it. I know OF people, but not personally.

More idea about new runes.

Gives passive lifesteal depends on percentage damage dealt to towers

Rune of Desperation:
Increase regen rate of Hunter’s ammo.

Divine Protection:
Adds small chance to negate damages for dragons

Increase Hunters and Warriors AoE range.
Add splash damage to Sorcerer’s lock on attack

Adds small chance to resurrect dragon after being killed, recovers a fraction of its HP

Increase drop rate from monument with/without increased value (e.g. 15 rubies instead of 10, 2 hammers instead of 1)

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Silly guy you must not know how to get runes off dragons :wink:

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