New runes coming soon?

Hey so without a doubt hunter dragons have been pushed on players as the TOP dragon class. The Ammo Rune is restricted to hunters makes sense right? What about a rune for warriors that slowly regenerates health over time? Or a rune for sorcerer dragons that allows increased attack speed Or the chance of Evading an attack? Or a rune for the invoker dragons that idk adds an ammo shot? Or speeds up the cooldown period between the attacks? Idk what are your thoughts? Should I just shut up and hope for more ammo runes for a roster of Only hunter dragons? That is if I want to be viable right?


I’m all for the increase attack Speed rune for sorcerers.
It’s time sorcerers get back on top.
Warriors are bogus imo. Nowadays a good warrior is only good if it get some great sorc spells. Otherwise no good.
Hunters are a-okay as it is.
Also Invokers should have a reduce ammo cooldown rune. The extra ammo shot ain’t required that much. Just the cooldown rune will empower them more.




But to play devils advocate the same are available for hunters as well as ammo ones


I have an idea,

Why not make a rune for bases that debuffs rage generation on dragons?

Or maybe put it in a skill for a defensive rider next season.

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I have a better idea let’s stop adding runes and further imbalance being
we can’t get a balanced divines as it is :rofl:
Players should not have to rely on runes to make a dragon viable
And more runes means even more difficulty balancing new dragons :man_shrugging:

No as in overall breath damage lol

Worse idea ever ugh

Very nice

Balance is not an idea it’s a concept and it’s quite clear the divines are difficult to balance
I understand the frustration with a hunter only meta but adding runes is not the best approach to truly correct this issue it will only make it harder to release a divine that’s balanced
which is why we don’t see a full complete universal set of runes for all dragons or towers
This isn’t my idea it’s purely what I have observed over the last 6 yrs lol

What do you think that does? :joy:increasing breath damage means the same thing as increasing the attack

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@PGGalileo Can u include this in the skill set of the defensive rider next season?

Don’t know if this is new or not but mythic hunter ammo now gives +2 when maxed?

It’s always like that


Oh ok, I’ve never had the fortune of having one until today.

Or a todem???