New runes for new dragons

There are so many new dragons with new special skills and you need to create runes for the new dragons

PGCoffee :coffee: has a team that to make runes more effective and expedite the release of new runes for sometime in 2018.

from the Wintertide preview notes post

There’s already a thread or two or three about this subject…

as I’ve mentioned in my first post, I couldn’t find any through the search. if you know of them it would be kind to of you to share, otherwise it doesn’t help me (and yes, I’ve searched again before typing this reply so I’m either to silly to look or to silly to use search, pick the preferred :slight_smile: )

Where is it even mentioned here? Nowhere. I think you are mistaking this thread for another…

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I don’t really like quoting myself, but reading everything does help sometimes…so for you, in my first post I wrote: “should I have a missed a thread dealing with this I apologise, but search turned up nothing.”

So instead of trying to sidetrack to something that doesn’t exist, perhaps you’d like to contribute something to the Topic (either to the ongoing discussion or by providing any of the already existing threads you seem to know)? :slight_smile:

We aren’t in your thread; your thread was just used as a reference, as the original poster is describing something similar to what you had posted.

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Thank you my saviour @forScience … I was dying here :tired_face:

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Took me a while to figure it out too then I was so frustrated I couldn’t bring myself to respond…thank God for Forsci! :smiley:

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Has to live up to the name :joy::joy::joy: for Science, for knowledge…

oh dear, sorry about that, should heed my own advice, too :slight_smile:

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