New Season Devine Stones

Is there a way we PG can release Harbinger stones for previous seasonal divines? I feel for those of us who have completed previous seasonal divine branches we should be offered new stones so we dont have to retire the dragons we’ve all worked so hard to earn. Im not saying offer all stones- eventhough that would be cool even better. :grimacing: Im just saying release the stones that werent offered to us during the season. We love upgrades but at the end of the day it seems more like a punishment when we have to hang up dragons we love because you upgraded your game. Im sure you can find a way to make money off this feature as you always do… But its just a thought. @PGCrisis @PGJared @PGCoffee



Actually, this is a completely different topic than the ones you are referring. He is asking that completed dragons get a chance to improve, not to have a chance to complete incomplete dragons.

Honestly, I don’t think this is necessary. Why would it be fair to those who are moving from the top tier to the new top tier when those who move from green to gold have no chance to upgrade? Seems like a greedy ask in my opinion.

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No it’s not a different topic. White Evolution Stone/Mythic Divine Infinite Evolving is the same thing. Release the evolution stone for previous divines that was not available because the tier didn’t exist back then

It’s still the same premise of the exhaustively denied proposal for stones for previous seasonal Dragons.

@ModMat @TheRedDelilah or whomever else can

Shut this Sh!t down please


Read both. While I see how they are similar they are not the same. The ones linked to are asking for her getting to the max tier they are released at. This one is asking for the ability to get to a new tier. It’s a different question.

But we should probably shut done the blatant profanity.

@PGEggToken could we get an official statement here as well regarding if Pg will ever add Evolution Stones for any dragon ever past what is released in the applicable season? I’d like to add it to my canned replies.


If they did that, there would be no incentive to get new season dragons.


also releasing new evolution stone to the latest one on old divines is the same with “Universal evolution stone” since to get the new evolution stone, you will have to get the old ones.

so in a way, this is still a NO

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This should be a no. Otherwise, divine seasonal dragons no longer become unique and the game just gets flooded with dragons. It also potentially could result in a revenue loss for PG. Knowing I can get evolution stones down the road, I’d be inclined to spend less.

I would assume no. Game balance and all.

Imagine if there was a harbinger skarr…

Oh please, harbinger Kinnarus will be super annoying :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Oh please.

Do your own power curves and tell me which you’d rather have? :stuck_out_tongue:

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No matter the actual curve you use, either continue Skarr’s own (and end up in the billions) and use one from another legendary warrior, Skarr will always win, and here’s why :

His power at level 30 is so much greater than any evolving dragon that came after. So, with that higher number, the increase will always outpace that of those who followed.

And I used Skarr mostly because of the terrible shortage of good Warriors… Not because Ebon or Nightshade would be any different.


Do make a statement @PGEggToken, I’ve seen @TheRedDelilah going on a loop with closing these threads for months now. It’s possible these players join the forum just for the sole purpose of asking this repetitive question.


Hauheset with harbinger health :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If they put extra evo stones on previous dragons , spenders might stop buying NEW mythic divines.


this is still the same suggestion so no. you can get the stone for the new “upgrade” dragon.

But maybe they would pay for the old ones…

Who wouldn’t pay for Harbinger Hau?

Shoot… That might even been enough to get me to spend… Maybe. It would definitely be something I would struggle with… Harbinger has already been out so long… So maybe N+1 this time…

But you get the point. These could still be sold. Perhaps offered as lines at the end. Rather than the repeatable gold chest… So, you would have had to spend to get there, and you would definitely have to spend to claim them.

I get it… People. Who weren’t here… Not saying offer the eggs again. But what if you’d just started playing? Maybe you were able to the the dragons, but we all know how hard points are to earn for low level players in lower leagues.

It’s a pipe dream, and I’m not asking for it. And really, if they didn’t have additional levels, for any player who’s progressed beyond what was available at the time, it is a waste… But as a bonus “line” at the end, I’m not sure how it messes things up? 900 sigils for 2 gold chests? That’s a terrible deal… Didn’t it used to be 5 chests?

Perhaps I’m missing something.

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