New Season Devine Stones

this is still the same suggestion so no. you can get the stone for the new “upgrade” dragon.

But maybe they would pay for the old ones…

Who wouldn’t pay for Harbinger Hau?

Shoot… That might even been enough to get me to spend… Maybe. It would definitely be something I would struggle with… Harbinger has already been out so long… So maybe N+1 this time…

But you get the point. These could still be sold. Perhaps offered as lines at the end. Rather than the repeatable gold chest… So, you would have had to spend to get there, and you would definitely have to spend to claim them.

I get it… People. Who weren’t here… Not saying offer the eggs again. But what if you’d just started playing? Maybe you were able to the the dragons, but we all know how hard points are to earn for low level players in lower leagues.

It’s a pipe dream, and I’m not asking for it. And really, if they didn’t have additional levels, for any player who’s progressed beyond what was available at the time, it is a waste… But as a bonus “line” at the end, I’m not sure how it messes things up? 900 sigils for 2 gold chests? That’s a terrible deal… Didn’t it used to be 5 chests?

Perhaps I’m missing something.

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there are more things to fix and improve than putting evo stones on normal dragons or old capped divines.

I commend PG tho for puttingvthe egg missions in atlas. They work like dragon tier bonus. :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:.

Hau isn’t a divine, so even if they did this Hau would stay Sapphire…

But yes i agree it could be done as a full line… doubt it will ever happen though…

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I know. Was just an example… And wouldn’t happen.

(I know I’m not EggToken, but I’ll try and reply here)

There are no current plans to add Evolutions Stones for newer tiers for previous seasonal Dragons. Seasonal Divines, as well as their respective evolutions stones, are only available during the season that they are a part of, and cannot be obtained once the season has concluded.


Destar :exploding_head:

“Will ever” is a promise we can’t make.

Crisis is, as always, 100% correct here.


Yay! New blurb for Red!

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And now that is murky. Murky I mean the decision is half empty / half full perspective.

I’d say the issue is as closed as it can be.

They won’t say NEVER because they’re in the money making business. If enough sources of income scream loud enough, and want to pay enough, they might do it, eventually, hopefully long after i’ve stopped playing.

Although, i can see them bringing back old divines, at their then evolution stones/tiers, as that doesn’t affect future, newer divines. Honestly, if you want a past divine that does not evolve to the “current” top tier and want to pay a few hundred bucks for it, have at it. They’re a waste of money, in my opinion, but if it keeps the PG server hamsters fed and spinning, go for it.

To simply put. If it would result to income generation, they would. Any other that would not yield Money would be killed. As an example (although it is off topic) is Mega Coin and Bonus Meter. :unamused:

This can’t happen for the same reason they can’t give old stones or white stones. People paid money (or in game items) for a fixed product. To significantly alter the value after the fact will both devalue new things, break confidence, and make tactical choices worthless.

This simply can’t happen in general. Maybe PG decides to do something special one time or something, like the dodo dragons, but in general it’s better for everyone to focus on new dragons.

Now I wouldn’t hate seeing a new event that made old divines useful again. But that’s just me. (I understand dragon trials weren’t very popular)

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My main issue with the trials (aside from the fact I was a lot lower in my breeding tier the last time they ran it) was that they had towers on some of the lower level bases that had no right being there. At least that’s what it seemed like at the time. It’s been so long that I can’t remember for sure.

Except thatnthey have changed the stats and spell types of divines in the past after people got the divines. At some point there will be a limited edition release, as there always is.

I know they arent going to re-release a previous released dragon. I wasn’t asking for that. I was just simply trying to find out if they would ever consider releasing new stones for dragons that were already previously maxed through the season. I think the rude responses posted by some are unessecary. I can understand how some would feel about this making some dragons OP. This is why I posted here so I can get constructive feedback from my fellow players. Some players geniunly wanted an answer to this question so I spoke up. At the end of the day PG is a business and their goal is to make money so selling a stone for $50 or $100 will generate income and no matter how some of us feel players would invest. Many of us did it for Ember. So I was just wondering if PG forseen this happening in the future.

I don’t think it’s a good idea since

  1. It punishes one who chose multiple branch instead of completing one branch even more…
  2. If #1 is accounted for one who doesn’t complete the branch as well, it disregard the effort of one who spent a lot to complete the branch.
  3. Lord Ember is the only exception, since ALL of his stones are sold, he is obtainable through normal breeding indefinitely, and he is the moat useful at lv 1.

I have a solution for this that PG might like

$5,000 USD per tier

So if you have a dragon capped at Platinum, you $5k to go to Sapphire, $5k to go to Garnet, $5k to go to emerald, etc, etc…

/S but I but some people would spend it

Obsidian Ember :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I want my lv 1 Ember.
And eyepatch for him, now that he helped me getting all my wood