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During temple raid, by complete accident, I found a 250 with the base of a 120, so guess who I hit all event!


Yeah it pays to search every target. There’s a level 357 in my league who’s actually 211. I’m just sad it isn’t kingdom or temple so I can only hit him once per round.


I thought I was able to hit some bases a couple of times in one round. It might be that you can hit Base X again after you hit a certain number of bases … it resets similar to Conquer the World did. :thinking:


If only I had Necryx at a tier higher than orange :rofl::persevere: :t_rex:


Yeah, I gotta gain confidence… and skill, lol. Realized my Fomhar can handle level 37 towers today so I’m startin’ to hit in the 140-150 range for 95-105 points. Better than usual I guess. :t_rex:


Psst, mine handles 39-40s okay and starts struggling at 41. You’re in…plat evolution? Your Fom has Hidden Depths!


:rofl: Yeah I’m surviving on 40s now too. Need better gear >:( :t_rex:


/chanting/: One of us, one of us!

Down with the tyranny of those who craft legendaries within their first ten crafts! Down with those who flaunt their fortune in our faces! Down with those who pull mythic rage and ammo runes on the reg!

Gear is really good for my Fomhar, though :slight_smile: He’s got double the attack power of unleveled-but-still-geared Aibrean at the same level, it’s now just a matter of levelling up the gear that he does have. I think rage runes are nice on him, too, and I always do appreciate his +1 ammo rune. I’m finding my mythic hunter attack rune a dubious choice that I’m not putting on him, though.

Also, er, just realised that I’m terribly off topic :frowning:


For clarification, Kate’s talking about a really bad 250, not one with the actual presented level being lower than the actual level glitch. :smiley:

P1 bases are better than level-equivalent P4 bases (and more likely to be defended), on average, but a platinum (?) Fomhar can comfortably whack 41s, 45s with some skill or some gear, and better than that once you’ve got your blinks reliable.

To be really clear, she’s talking about me, me, me, and my alt. :confused: It’s not my fault, I can’t really avoid rubbing four rabbits’ feet within a few hours of my crafts.


There were actually two 250 bases I did visit that event- the one you’re talking about, and the one which secretly had a level 120 base (aka, the base level apparent from the event screen was 252, entering it to attack showed the base level and towers as a 120’s) contained within, was also the one I found later :stuck_out_tongue: I believe it’s a glitch that occurs when you sign in to different accounts on the same device?

Anyway, finding two max-point but shitty bases in the same event was a huge stroke of luck.


Here’s the haul I got for the 2770 bronze chests I opened last night. I didn’t bother to include the base and dragon boosts because I don’t care about those:
Egg Tokens: 22k
Healing Pots: 634
Timers: 91 days
Inner Fire: 176
Energy Packs: 90
Sigils: 4025
I have a little over 300 gold chests that I will open later in the event. I will report back on those as well, but to be honest, I am very happy with this. I hadn’t realized how much the bronze chests could add up. I was expecting most of my sigils to come from the golds. I had been saving them for about half of last season ever since I realized it was a bust. lol


There is a 514 who is a 218 in my league lol. Too bad we have only been in the same pit as them once this event


Yeah. Same league mech :joy: I’ve been hitting him too


You need to share the wealth on what team he is on.


This German team is definitely not off their game when it comes to adverbs

Alternately, you could say there is one German team in the league that stands out from the rest


I just searched at the other german team and couldnt find that high guy anymore ^^
The other german team was ours, so that wasnt the case at least :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw.: I opened 400 goldchests + 13 bonus

  • 8050 sigils
  • 357 days of timers
  • 638 inner fire
  • 429 energy packs
  • 164 mystical fragments
  • 71400 Eggtoken
  • 4275 black pearls
  • 600 attack boosts
  • 600 defence boosts
  • 320 heal potions

What i can say is, my drops are a bit smaller than the spreadsheets shows. Without bonus the sigils per chest are even lower …
18,4375 without, 19,49 with bonus. However i am fine with.
Is enough to finish 50% dragon with events . :slight_smile:


Last night I opened 320 gold chests:

Egg Tokens 58k
Healing Pots 280
Hammers 21
Timers 282 days
Inner Fire 516
Sigils 6725

I didn’t record everything, obviously. And the inner fire number is a little lower than reality because I didn’t notice an attack banner popping up when I took the screenshot so I had to use a previous screenshot :joy:
I didn’t record all my defense boosts because I only care about hammers, but I find it odd that I only got 21 hammers for 320 chests when Emrah got 600 defense boosts for 400 chests… :thinking:


Good luck with that…lol


Just want to put it out there that I didn’t save anything from season to season and I’ve completed both dragons in pathox line, maybe spent 100 so far during breed and in the first two weeks of the season I finished cava. Guess I just grinded harder in events but the gold chests I did spend (from rewards) I spend on breed events and I’m doing just fine, and all those “useless packs” helped me. I personally don’t like pvp hitting the same base over and over like an invader run for gold.

PG is going to do what they want, and if you don’t think it’s rigbt that’s fine, but don’t generalize the player base as people like you and say “no one benefits from this”, it’s false. Additionally, PG doesn’t owe you crap it’s their game, their business and their livelyhood. I don’t always agree with what they do and if something is wrong or they go back on something they said they would do then I’ll say something. On this topic I don’t see any grounds for your claim other than crying because it wasn’t tailored to you.


FYI I did not save chests or rubies and I am about to begin Pathox line…