New Season Dragons / Riders - Please Give us Elemental Info!


Hello, I know you guys like to build suspsense and all… and I appreciate the fact you are now announcing the entire branches, which will be discount, etc… whay types of dragons, etc… to help us better plan. But we just need 1 more piece of information to properly plan.

My suggestion: PLEASE TELL US THE ELEMENT OF THE DRAGONS IN ADVANCE!!! — This is such critical info especially now that there is a second mythic dragon and I won’t know what element it is for weeks. That could be my next perch dragon :slight_smile:

Element planning is so important now with elite gear for perch dragons, and having a mythic dragon rolling around with max offensive gear … knowing what elements all dragons will be at the start of the season is of critical importance for many of us.

Thank you for listening.


It will be dark. Or Fire. Or who the heck cares, they can change it anytime they want!

Imagine the situation when you have a nice set of def armour forged and your dream dragon is released with a different element! (you would probably get a heart attack, while I would die from laughter…)


The element is irrelevant if you have Atlas.


How is it irrelevenant?

I have 4 elite atlas gear now for defensive rider and the rest legendary… and 2 sets of 2 elite for offense. I don’t have a full set of anything… I don’t think anyone does… If I know the element dragon I want is coming up in next release of seasonal dragons I’ll wait for it.

I’m really hoping it is ice element for mythic warrior would make a perfect perch dragon after I’m done using it with my offensive elite gear/rider.


Sorry. I meant rider (got confused with the title).
Anyway, I think it will be revealed on week 6…


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