New season Egg boost line

What’s up with the Egg boost it states ‘will not combine with other boosts’??? Does this mean elite accounts as well? Cause that means its worthless if you have an elite. Please clarify

It stacks with elite, but not with double eggs during breed

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Just means it doesn’t stack with the breeding bonus. does actually stack with elite
NM Enigma beat me to it :grinning:

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First :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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What they said, but very idiotic wording should just specify it doesn’t stack with breeding.

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Thankyou so much👍

After the chaos with my account today I would like clarification from PG as to whether or not it will continue to stack with elite. I’m still missing 2k+ Sigil from my acct this season and I earned that within the first hour of the event. And PG has lost credibility in my eyes , Soo I hope they’ll clarify Soo they don’t pull a bait and switch later.


Good point :+1:

It’s the same wording this boost has had for the past 6 seasons, so I’m confident that it stacks with elite, but during the breeding event, everyone gets that boost, so you don’t get it twice.

If you got it last season, you already know what to expect (including taking 24 hours to activate after you redeem it)

I understand it’s the same wording but after over a year pg finally did it for me and I’d like clarification. Yep I have over 8 accts and yep more then 1 are spending :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face: . Soo I’d like clarification. I’m sure they can take 5 min to confirm or deny it.

My apologies if this comes across harshly as it isn’t meant to but that seems like a waste of time for a staff member to confirm that something will continue to work the way it has for 6 seasons now. There have been no changes to the wording. There has been no hints that it’ll stop working. There have been no posts from anyone saying that the bonus doesn’t stack (and believe me they would catch major fire with that one)

I mean there are real genuine issues that the staff are addressing right now and answering this seems like a bit of a waste of time. A small waste sure but still. Hell if you want confirmation ask people who have the boost.

If it has been workinin the past, if it continues to work as it has, why do we need a staff member to confirm it’s still working when players can do the same thing.

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