New Season New Glitches

@PGGalileo please Explain this? How is this Even Possible🤔

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I’m pretty sure you would know, but did you attack yourself and forget? How to attack ur self in war dragons - YouTube

In all seriousness, an exploit similar to the video would probably let you attack someone then join their team before you finish the attack. That might do it.

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Can you not attack teammates if you had the bookmarked prior to joining guild.

Was a thing a while ago I think not sure now though


No chance of that Happening!:rofl: its Not me Attacking myself its a Teammate who Hit an Xp Base and landed on my Base​:thinking:

Some sort of Glitch🤐

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Ive been in this Guild for 2 years Now…so that doesnt Make sense either🤔

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Did you teammate have your base bookmarked and went to hit another bookmarked mission base?

I often get a situation occurring where I go to the bookmark tab, quickly scroll down and then attack the intended base to only find I am attacking the 1st bookmarked base instead. This has been happening for months and I put it down to refresh rate. When you go to your book mark menu and can see it, it is not yet fully loaded and will return to the top when it is fully loaded.

You can test this yourself by opening the bookmarks menu and quickly sliding down to only have it jarringly go back to the top. If you are just a little bit faster than that, you can get into a situation where you think you are attacking one base but end up hitting another. In that situation, I think it would be possible for your teammate to potentially attack you. Ask them if you are their top bookmark (or were at the time of the error).


Yes, this slow refresh rate as you refer to it has been a glitch/issue in the game for years now and the ability to attack teammates or yourself has gone hand in hand with it for a long time. Just takes a little speed and it’s entirely doable to attack yourself or a teammate as long as they’re the top bookmarked base.