New season not ready yet


Blah blah, still training dragons, not ready yet. Whatever. Gimme my egg token boost. Its the only thing that will be any good anyway.


Gotta love most of the players not able to hit beasts. PG just craps on the base again.


Can we at least have a shot at the egg boosts bonuses? For those of us without vanguards we need to get as many eggs as possible …


Same thoughts here.
To add, the Season started with :poop: like this, I’m bracing myself for more with the rest of the season.


Man I hope not but I agree. Not a good start to the new season.

At least I got 200sigls as a starting gift … but can’t use. Sigh :pensive:


Everything in the season will be available tomorrow (December 6th) when Battle Phase goes live.