New Season Reward Line


Right now we have riders, dragons, and egg token boost lines, but currently a large number of players are struggling with progression through various walls. I recommend making a progression oriented line that’s full of only timers, egg tokens, elemental embers, wood/food packs, gold chests, and with the major rewards as rubies. This would support players who need to catch up their bases, or focus on progression rather than a divine dragon. At this point, the only premium tower currency worth anything is the elemental ember, and they are in extreme shortage, so this would help with that too. The end of the line should have a progression or ruby prize commensurate with the dragon lines. I’m unsure what this should look like right now. Thoughts?

  • Yes! I love it!
  • No! You’re drunk Ducky, go home.

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My issue here is you know damn well it will cost way more than its actual worth… 31k for a dragon that’s useful for a few months at best, imagine an entire line costing 31k sigils, and probably only gets you 10 levels at most (if you’re above 300)

The solution to the wall isn’t giving people something else to buy, it’s making things easier overall


I agree with you. This isn’t to take the place of better scaling and progression, but added in addition to. It’s not a solution to scaling, but an assist regardless of the state of the progression issues.

Costs for the line is something that would have to be worked out with the GPF, but do you like the concept as a whole?


Yep it’s a systemic issue that can’t be solved with a bandaid like this.

I am however all for including more items like these in between more and more +25% tiers of the egg token seasonal bonus. I think expanding that to assist a bit in both dragon and level progression would be a benefit that folks could weigh against a new dragon. Have the token bonus go up to +275% or +300% for the full dragon sigil cost


I like the idea, but what I’d like even more is for them to just adjust prizes according to the increased cost, let us get a dragon AND progression that’s worth the price


Let me ask you this way…if the dragon lines and game balance were fixed to your liking, would you also like the option of a progression specific line? That could also take the form of making the breeding token boost go higher than +125% and a tower transformation stone at the end for a full line as @mechengg suggested. If so, vote yes. If a progression line as a whole would always be a bad idea, vote no.


I like how we said the same thing at the same time :joy: you posted first though since I did it from my email


Sorry mate but I 100% disagree with a tower transformation stone being a prize at the end of a seaosnal line. It needs to be a systemic issue that is fully solved at a base level without the bandaid fix that is a seasonal prize.

It needs to be implemented (not the first time PG has heard about this major issue) and it needs to be soon. It needs to be available and accessible at any time, albiet for a cost.


If you’re in the 300+ quicksand and your towers are 56+, it’s a bit under 4 upgrades per level which is bonkers and needs a fix.

I like the idea of a line to aid in fort same as token boost for breed.

How about a line that reduces build time 10-20% for the season?


Fair. I suppose the final prize is not important to me as the idea of the line itself. I’ll edit original post.


I’ve written up something that’s even better than that for PG, just hope they see the importance of it before it’s too late.

(But good overall idea and concept)


Just a no heal time branch is fine with me, as heal potion is the one delaying my progress the most.


Why is it everything you propose always has increased costs? The 100% and 125% should be 200 and 250 for the same cost. This ever increasing costs is straight up ridiculous.


Why should it be the same? Why not ask for +10,000% buff for the same price?

Common sense buddy. Use it please

You could suggest other costs as well too right?
PG offers the first 100% for 3k (for easy rounding)
PG offers the second 25% for 3k as well
It seems that they don’t want to keep offering it at a good rate like the first offer.

Maybe they would do a constant +50% for 3k? But then people would be unhappy who only got the 100%/3k previously.
Maybe they would then consider just tacking their latest offer 25%/3k onto the end of their current offer. Oh wait that’s pretty much what I did. I used a PG approved amount and just added it on.

You suggest another alternative that wouldn’t piss everyone off that PG would even remotely consider.


Let’s go with it’s overpriced to start with,and adding more costs will do more harm than good. No other games have an ever increasing costs,or should I say non mobile games. Why would people get pissed off for getting something better? I’d be thrilled if we got 250% egg bonus for 6k sigils. I give up ,think I’ll get banned again,and watch this game die.


Let’s do the reading comprehension one more time shall we…



You guys remember the headless horseman branch? That’s an example of what the event team thinks is helpful for progression.


You mean the skip skip skip overpriced resources and collect free avatars? I definitely don’t see how an avatar is helping me build better flaks… Oh right, they meant those expensive prizes… /s


I say no just because it would be another thing to spend those damn elusive sigils on. We already have 9 branches per season.


That horseman branch was hilarious.