New Season Reward Line


Works for me. It’s not a substitute for real change, but it’d be nice to have a good source of rare resources if I decided I didn’t want dragons (or if I had sigils left at the end of the season).

I don’t feel like going for this warrior mythic, for example, and so I’ll go for the egg token boost and…I don’t know. Riders, maybe? I have the heavy-hitting dragons I need for now. I might prefer to be able to stock up on embers, timers, inners, energy packs, mystic fragments, etc.


Like it so much I suggested it a few days ago. :wink:

Really, really like Oy’s suggestion of having a seasonal build time reduction in there as well (rather than my crapton of timers idea), and very curious as to what mechengg’s proposal included.

Hopefully they do something soon… I’m only a few months from the next wall.


You are only 6 months behind me posting it then :grin::grin:

I can’t search for it right now but it’s out there many times. They never responded to it


Oh look, another poll :scream::scream::scream:


Ill vote for the 250% egg token boost like what they did this season :upside_down_face:


LOL, fair enough. I’m pretty sure I’m going to go through withdrawal-like symptoms on Wednesday… Loss of the 200% egg bonus crack is going to hurt.


It’s going to hurt big lol


I saved 80 gold chests. If it’s PvP I’m opening them and getting it right away lol


I won’t notice because I managed this season without a token boost :sweat_smile: I was paranoid I wouldn’t have enough sigils to finish Pathox to my satisfaction.


You poor soul :joy:


Pretty much :rofl::rofl: especially when they upped it so much for those who got the boost early enough :sweat_smile:


Instead of adding an additional line I’d rather see them focus on improving what is already there. Get the ice and fire shards out of there, add in more pearls and embers. Increase the number of wood boosts, actually, update the chest drops. The seasonal lines keep increasing in price but nothing is really increasing for that added cost


That is an option as well. Think that would fall under the egg token progression line expansion mech wanted. Regardless, still in favor of expanding a line for progression overall in some form.


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