New Season Structure Idea

Personally, I’m f2p, and this is how I came up with this idea for season structure. I was thinking of how hard it is to get a mythic f2p, and I came up with an idea to solve it. My idea is individual prize scaling. This is basically where in every legendary line (this would not apply to mythics, as mythics would keep the pricing they had in the winterjol season until a new tier came out, then they would scale in price again), you could choose the price of the rewards you get. However, as you make the reward cheaper, you also get less reward. This means that a reward that costs 300 sigils and gives me 3 twelve hours speedups, if I don’t need speedups, I could change to cost 150 sigils for 1 speedup. You can’t skip prizes, you can only lower the price. Now why did I say 150 when if I had scaled correctly would have gotten 100? Because I don’t think it would be a good idea to scale correctly. There would be a few intervals for the players to choose from: a minimal amount of that specific resource for 150% of the scaled price, they can choose 1/2 the prize for 100% the scaled price, the standard amount for the same price, 1.5 times the standard resources for 100% the scaled price, and 2 or 4 times the standard amount of resources for 75% the scaled price. Prizes that are not divisible by 1/2 ate excluded from both 1/2 and 1.5 intervals. Evolution stones will cost full price and will not be alterable.
The above description of season pricing means that if I’m a heavy spender, I could choose the maximum prize amount for stuff I don’t have a lot of (aka rune dust), and a f2p player who cares more about the resources than the dragons (maybe because the dragons are trash that season, who knows) could choose to spend a ton of sigils on high resources. Also say the mythic is insane this season and I’m ftp, I could get through the lines and try to make it through the mythic (which is again full price) by choosing all the low prizes, but the consequence is I have low resources to complete events. We can also compensate for the overflow of players who don’t farm any chests trying to get the mythic by slightly increasing the amount of points in an event needed to get specific prizes without taking away any resources (aka if one prize gives 25 sigils and another gives 50 and they are fairly close together, they take away the 25 prize tier but add 25 sigils to the 50 prize tier. This also applied to everything else you get from prizes), to force players to have to farm chests in order to get enough resources to complete events. However this also means that if a player farms a lot, they don’t necessarily need as many chests, simply enough chests to reach the 450 prize tier every event, because hitting that could complete a few lines if they hit it every event.
I think season restructuring like this could potentially help ftp players get more dragons without much grinding while improving on the bang you get for your buck if you spend in seasons (because of the slight discount for 2 and 4 times prize increments). However, because of the new scaling for event prize tiers, it would not necessarily remove the need for chest grinding to complete events because it would require more resources to get a specific set of prizes. The full pricing of mythics and evolution stones also prevents level ones from getting the mythics maxed. This would remove the half priced line.
This may seem like a game shattering idea but with proper scaling it could improve the game for ftp while more incentive to play the game more with the idea of getting a mythic. I also have nothing against the current way PG has structured the season for Springblossom and seasons past, but I believe they could be improved upon. I would love to hear feedback on how this idea could be improved!

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So make dragons cheaper to get in return for less rewards? Sign me up! /s


Ya sure I’ll blow all my sigils on the first mythic then get the 2nd one for free because I can’t claim actual prizes anyways. Let’s do this.

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This is a great idea! I’m all hands on this. PG, you better take notes cause Chickn is a genius!

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This just screams “gimme gimme”

  • wants mythic dragons
  • wants to spend less time/effort in the game
  • wants to stay free to play

While I am happy for these mythics to be attainable for f2ps, the mythics are already attainable. Honestly they should be more exclusive dragons that require… well some sort of planning, saving or grinding. If everyone and their mothers is able to get all the mythics then what’s the point?

Hell I have got multiple mythics e2p with change. I don’t mind the idea of being able to customise your prizes but Only in a different format (embers or fire/ice kinda thing. Pick your prize from a list). But outside of removing inflation I don’t think it needs to change

I’d be pretty annoyed if mythics became substantially easier to get tbh.



You want to buy a house. You tell the person you’ll buy the house for less, but you don’t want the yard. That’s fair right?


While I understand you wanting a mythic it should cost some major grinding or $ fair is fair.


Edit: If this was already in the Game, Everyone would get a Ronin with not having to spend a lot of time and call in sick to work for example! This idea is great! This is a great idea! The only thing I recommend is: I
In your example change it to a little less than half the original prize, say 3*3 hour Timers.
My reason behind being a penny pincher so to speak is because Everyone will do this! Because it’s awesome!

No no no. This is only my 3rd season and I’m completely f2p and plan on getting my mythic ronin this season. It is not that hard to obtain a mythic you just have to do well in events and have a good team you can rely on.

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No it’s more like you want to buy a Ferrari, but you can’t afford it so you want them to take the parts out of a Ferrari and put them into a 2002 used Corolla because that’s more affordable. I think this metaphor will resonate with more people.


“I would like to purchase this Ferrari but can you put the entire engine and working mechanism into this Hoopty “?
—Why yes sir! But it’s going to cost a lot less! Is that okay “?
Um, mmmmm. You say it will cost me less and it will perform like a Ferrari, yet not look like one”?

  • “Yes”! :grin:

I see your point, but we would still get our Mythic Dragon.
We still get the whole Ferrari for less prizes that we don’t care about anyway and spend less sigals.
IMO the op makes a lot of sense. And gave your analogy a like because I chuckled like chunks the Dragon would! :+1:t2:

except that’s not how business works?

As f2p with grandfathered elite and saving for 2 seasons I got.

  • Mythic dragon Surt
  • Gunnar Platinum stone
  • Defensive rider Bjorn fully maxed

It’s possible just work hard and be on a good team

Oh and btw I’ll be able to get the mythic hunter next season as well


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