New season structure

So we are getting close to the end of the season. And with it, the end of the first season with the new season structure.

We have seen some feedback on this subject in other threads, and most of this feedback have been more negative than positive after what i can tell. However, people are as we know much more vocal when it comes to express negative experiences than positive ones…so we dont really know what the most common view is.

PG will for sure have made up their minds about next season already. Im guessing it will be another season like the one we just had. With the ascending dragons. However, i would like to do a poll here, just to see what the players really think about this new structure, and if they want to keep it, or would rather go back to what we had earlier.

Would also be a good place to let PG know what you like/dislike regarding the matter.

Please keep it about the structure only… not about the different dragons performances…

  • Positive to the new season structure
  • Negative to the new season structure
  • Indifferent

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As long as they get rid of ascension tokens or any means of additional resource expenditures required to have a mythic at its full statwise potential, I’ll be fine with any of the new structures.


100% agree lose the ascension tokens.


I echo the aforementioned sentiments. I’m not a fan of ascension tokens and exclusive exotic glyphs and stuff. MAYBE if the branch was structured so that you could actually get things within your rss then I’d be happier.

For example:

I have 6 ascension tokens. The next node for me is 8 and I’ll never have 8. The proceeding ones are respectfully 1 and 2 ascension tokens-- I’d be able to have them if I didn’t have to go through the 8 node. If the 1 and 2 option would be ahead of the 8th, it would allow more equality. Even if they wanted to have them be more: 3 tokens per item, that would still work.

I do like the ability to pick your discount. I definitely felt pressured within the first two weeks to make a choice. It felt like CF had to rush to put together info for us to choose with as much info as we could. While I’ve come around to my choice, I wish the disclaimer about universal eggs in discount branches would’ve been released immediately and not after the fact. I may have gotten orange Barbend to see if I liked him more but I’d had already leveled my choice well beyond that option being viable.

Now that it seems we have everything out in the open for how things work (and if they continue to be that way), I think I will have a better season moving forward.


My main gripe with the season structure is the fact that you get forced to take one dragon line for every mythic you get, instead of getting something useful like a spell rider or resources. It’s a 100% loss with no positive aspect to it at all.

Second big gripe is that the amount of useful lines in general has been decimated, with nearly all high resource lines stripped bare to the point that they are almost as bad as the dragon lines, which nobody ever took for a reason.

People love to complain when PG adds 1k sigils to the cost of a line, but that’s really a lot nicer than removing ~30k sigils worth of resources per mythic from the lines and leaving the cost the same.

Ascension tokens are also an issue, they were fine when introduced in fall, when they gave a small extra boost to dragons for whales who get (nearly) everything. But the effects of the exotics have ramped up a lot since to the point that they make a big difference.

I am honestly baffled by the fact that more than 3% of people here seem to have cllicked “positive” on that poll, there is not a single positive thing about the season structure. Guess a lot of people love getting ripped off. That or all the people who don’t like that left…


The things you listed are all crappy and I agree about that but they have been doing those things before this season already and they just accumulated in this season at a higher level. They have already been reducing the quality of the lines before this season, and ascension tokens have been around since fall.
So when the poll-said new season structure I took it to mean only things that were new to this season which is picking the discount and having more dragon options with the biggest negative being losing a dragon to get a mythic. But I feel even with that, the new structure was over all more positive.

Will we ever get an answer as to why this was done? :thinking: @PGCarlos


Seems the meta is moving a little faster than they would like….
I’d say they think that by evening out our resource lines will promote more diversity in what we will claim.
And so they made everything more even as far as resource distribution is concerned they did this by devaluation of inflated lines versus buffing the resource weak lines and speeding up our ability to consume content……


What’s sad is they can’t see past selling us content……
Cheap short lived content that is shiny and graphically beautiful and like candy and cakes they look good but they do not sustain!
Yes they could produce long term non-escalating content that produces viable objective based game play or what’s more commonly called balanced competitive play and then you can monetize actual conflict and attacking and well designed content will support long term play!
Which In turn promotes growth and revenue!

Sorry this is meta and it’s issues are all intentional and avoidable……:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You know the answer as well as I do.

Hint: :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:


Apologies in advance for the long post.
I feel pretty similar to what Morreion said. I dont really see any positives about this new structure. I see some slight attempts at positives but in true PG fashion they dropped the ball HARD on all of them

The Structure

The concept was perhaps nice, to give us a choice of discount dragons, as well as a somewhat preview of what the mythic would be like… except this was only an illusion of added choice and only the Hunter functioned as a preview because the other two were too far from their mythic versions, especially Krygant.

This new structure did not give us choice, it took it away by forcing us to claim a dragon line and adding that requirement to getting a mythic. This was particularly problematic if you wanted more than 1 mythic since it required passing on other, better lines in order to get that dragon requirement.
I know I would have been willing to claim mythic Avernic as a 2nd mythic just to have him for fun flights but Im not willing to claim another legendary line just to get him. Instead I’ll just exchange my keys since now 20 keys are worthless if you dont have the legendary

Also taking away a dragon that we’ve claimed was just sh*tty. For events like CC those legendary discount dragons do actually have value.

The Lack of Communication

The communication over this season and its changes have just been appalling. We all made it very clear from the start that we felt like this new season structure did not give us enough time to formulate a reasonably educated decision on which mythic we wanted and still be able to take advantage of the discounted dragon. For a few weeks this was the primary complaint on the forums, especially in the official season discussion which PG is supposedly reading. Yet somehow no one from PG figured out that they should have told us from the start that the evolution stones from the ascending dragons could be used on any of the three, thus giving us more time to find out about the dragons/see if they would be buffed or nerfed before picking our mythic.
For some of us this could have meant choosing a different mythic based on info/reviews that came out later or changes that were made. For others it could have simply meant getting a different portrait we would have liked to have. Either way PG failed to communicate this major change to us too late.

Then there’s that “typo” they included in the announcement post and

which is still listed in their blog post.

This “typo” was basically the one seemingly good thing about this new structure. That it seemed like they had listened to our complaints about how fast dragons were becoming obsolete. It seemed like they were adding an extra half tier of life to these dragons, extending their usefulness by at least 3 extra months. This sounded great, made me actually interested in going for the additional exotic content for one of these dragons because it meant I’d actually get some use out of them despite claiming the exotic glyph at the end of this season. Overall it seemed like PG had actually listened for once. NOPE! It was all a lie, bordering on fraud and most certainly false advertising.

This statement right here pretty much killed any interest I had for this season beyond just collecting stuff. I certainly killed any interest I had in spending the rubies for another line to get the tokens for Krygant’s exotic glyph. No real point when these dragons would keep their usual short shelf life.
Yes, everyone makes mistakes for sure but this is a reoccurring issue we keep seeing, where things are not being double-checked before it is announced. In the last year - year and a half, every blog post that has come out has had wrong information in it, some of which never even gets corrected. This one was just the biggest and influenced how people went about their season. Personally if I had known this was wrong I would have opened up 500 fewer gold chests at the start of the season.

The Lines/Prizes

Morrieon summed this up very well, they gutted some of these lines this season. I dont know if this was done as a response to our complaints about having to claim a low quality legendary line for our 2nd mythic or if it was a movement to reduce down the amount of rss that players can save going into the next season or just sheer greed on PG’s part. Whatever it was it was bullsh*t and an insult to the players. We invest our time and/or money into this game, we expect to see that rewarded. Instead PG decided to massively nerf two high rss lines, thus devaluing our investment into this game. The people in charge of lines and the economy are not stupid, they knew full well what our reaction to this change would be. It was the same as when they devalued the regular electrum line when they cut down on the number of timers/electrums we could get by making us choose one over the other.

PG will claim they haven’t raised costs and even gave us a cheap dragon line this season. In reality they have indirectly raise costs significantly by devaluing the lines, shifting key costs around so that the extra 19th and 20th keys we need cost more to claim, and also forcing a loss in breeding event points for many instead of offering a choice. This on top of increasing mythic requirements made this season IMO the worst season we’ve had. It was good that we got at least 2 viable mythics but everything else just made this season a massive disappointment.
I really hope this is the last time they use this season structure and these mythic requirements. Making change just for the sake of change and not properly considering the positives and negatives is never a good direction to go.


Um… to make money! [I mean that is the bottom line but does it truly make more money with all the disinterest it’s yielded? Has PG never heard of a thing called **INCENTIVE**!?!]

Sorry, to clarify, I suppose I should be less passive aggressive-- I fully understand why it was done (for profit).

Straight talk: trying to slide those changes in there without announcing the change in an official post is a slimey snake move. Sorry not sorry.

As ZDG alluded to, we’re not stupid. With players like Morreion who do a lot of analysis for us (thank you, sir!), it’s pretty silly to think we’d not catch it and consequently be upset.

On top-- not to acknowledge it anywhere is even more disrespectful IMO. Man up. Own the decision. Be honest.


I want Avernic as a mythic but not having all the stones for a mythic is a wtf

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100% sums up my thoughts as well.

Constructive feedback to PG based on my personal experience this season

Choice of discounts:
I really liked the idea that you could “get a feel” for a somewhat weaker version of dragon before you committed to it.
But honestly (apart from Barbend) the legendaries seemed unusable, so it didn’t make sense to get the legendary until we knew for sure we were going to commit to that mythic. That really defeats the purpose of the “choice”.
Possible solution: maybe keep the spells more or less the same but just with lower power for legendaries?

Nerfs to lines:
Not cool and zero communication here. I’ve ended up claiming one less line than I would normally get - not sure if this was the intended consequence.

Communication over transferability of evolution stones:
This was covered by someone else, but you guys really dropped the ball on this one.

This season had a lot of potential, but a few teething problems with the new structure as well as mis-communication by PG prevented it from reaching this potential. These issues are not unsolvable though. I am hoping that PG takes the lessons learned from this season and makes the next one a knock-out.


Voted positive, but still dislike ascension tokens


If a player gets 20 tokens then they should get a mythic of their choice even though they didn’t do the branch I have barbend branch done but I want Avernic as a mythic that’s where the impass is with me since calavor is nearly done being a competitor I needed to replace him but I want a mythic sorcerer so here I am at a stand still


Did you lvl barbend, if not , his stones also work to lvl avernic.


I have all his stones