New season structure

I was gonna have barbend as a legendary and Avernic as mythic

I know you have the stones, but did you use them? The stones are generic and can be used to lvl avernic. But that’s up to you.

Looking to have the cake and eat it too I think. Wants both legendary barbend at max level and mythic avernic at max level (which under the old system was what you typically got, 2 max level dragons when you had 20 keys).


In that case youll need to claim 2 dragon lines yes. Might as well pick the one with the best portrait then as it doesn’t matter which you do.

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I kind of feel like an idiot here… but I still haven’t quite figured out what this means :sweat: :woman_facepalming:
Can someone help explain it?

You could have selected any discounted branch to complete: Barbend, Avernic or Krygant.

I could’ve been interested in Krygant and completed his whole branch; hatched him at orange; and, realized maybe I didn’t like the way he flew.

Then, I’d need to get Barbend’s line only to his orange egg (since I’d already completed Krygant’s branch fully). Being I’d have only used Krygant’s orange eggs, I could hatch Barbend’s orange egg and then use the other eggs I’d received from Krygant’s line to level up Barbend.

It only matters which mythic branch you unlock. When you get to that point of unlocking the mythic ascension stone, you must unlock the line for the dragon you want to make mythic that corresponds to the dragon you’re actually looking to have chosen as your ultimate choice.

So, in the aforementioned scenario-- I’d need to choose Barbend’s mythic unlock.

What ZDG was also stating-- if I liked Krygant’s portrait but wanted to fly Barbend, I could also go through the entire Krygant line to get all of the Krygant portraits and then get Barbend to orange and hatch Barbend and use Krygant’s eggs to level Barbend; which, would allow me to have not only the portrait I wanted but also allow me the dragon I wanted.

Hope this helps. It’s kinda hard to explain.


Thank you, it did :kissing_heart:


Wow I had no idea…I could have a Legendary Barbend and Mythic Avernic…well if they keep this structure for next season I’ll be ready

It would be very expensive to have them both as full lines. Like you only get one on discount. But, if that’s what you wanted, it’s an option. :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s the best news I’ve heard in a while for this game…and that’s a great explanation of the structure…I really wish this was explained prior to the seasons start

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I did lvl up barbend so the stones aren’t good for avernic

Ditch the ascension tokens :confounded:


Is there any info on next season structure?I have excess sigils maybe I can finish Krygant and use the stones for next season dragon.hahahaha

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Never keep sigils lol. They change every season

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Hahaha yeah.just that I will have excess after draconics

Spend it random on any branch like tower

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