New Season (Summer) Divine

  1. Any info about new season Divine/rider yet
  2. Will there be another weeks of discount? (One divine, half page rider)?
  3. Will there be another red tiered Divine?

All of these are meant for next Summer Season…

Pg said multiple times, no to all of those

Well, I said about next summer season.
Nothing about old outdated divines…
And all those discount is Summer Discount

PG has said no before and then released a surprise anyways. I wouldn’t trust their responses about new releases.

Changed the title…

PG usually starts sneak peeks about a week before and streams a few days before the new season starts.

Have patience and keep your eyes on the announcement subforum and social media channels.


I remember they showed the rider a month earlier this season (though due to unnamed rider…)
I’m curious :smirk:

Oksana was an exception as she is actually a community created rider that has been created on stream long before the season so PG had time to finalize and animate her.

I can not remember anything else being released weeks before a season.


Anyone remember the first day of the 2017-2018 winter season? It was like 8pm before PG started the season :joy:

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Because we all live in the same time zone :roll_eyes:

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It was funny though watching the twitch stream chat with everyone asking when the season will start :joy:

They have revealed some of the dragons but not the riders, check out Summerflare (Summer Season) Stream Notes + Vanguard Tier + Temple Raid for the most details


Yes, we know. This thread was made before the spring season even existed. I’ll make sure that this is closed now since PG already is in progress of finishing up the first few dragons.

@moderators please work your magic!:sparkles:

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