New season? When does it start?

Do we have a release date for this and for prizes??


Let me promote the search function that can be found in the upper right corner. Please do not hesitate to use it. It’s free! :hugs:

Did you forget to search?


I searched and all I could come up with was the regular winter season. Maybe not the right keywords?

But thank you. Much appreciated

Did you throw “Atlas” in as one of the keywords? :thinking:

I searched “Atlas winterj” and it gave me this one.

o is a special character so I didn’t bother finding the correct one, but yeah, that might be the mistake that you did if you type winterjol, it will not show anything.

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Very well could’ve been. Appreciate the info guys. Good luck to all you this new year and with the new season!


Welcome tonthe forums :hugs:

Welcome to the forums.everyone makes mistakes and the search tool in forum can hardly be called engine, it’s neither intuitive or broad. It just searches for key words and those words only.

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Welcome to the forums, where everyone thinks they’re better than everyone else. :rofl:


And everyone is better than JB :slightly_smiling_face:

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Irony at its best. Complaining about the forums. On the forums. Alanis Morrisette will be proud.


HEY! My mom says I’m very special.

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I’ve been lurking around on here for a while. I know to check the search engine first…nothing came up except regular winter season. So thank you everyone for telling me to use the search bar :+1:

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