New season with Celtic theme!

“Spring info from the Twitch stream for those that didnt catch it.

  1. Spring season will be called Springveil and will follow a Celtic theme

  2. This season things will work differently. There will be 3 rounds of releases, week 1: Discount Legendary Hunter, Legendary Warrior, Mythic Sorcerer. Week 2: Discount Rider, Oksana, and Week 6: Legendary Hunter, Legendary Sorcerer, Upper-tier Dragon Rider.

  3. The mythic sorcerer will only require you do obtain 2 dragons this time which includes the discounted hunter and the legendary warrior. However, the sigil costs are about the same as the mythic sorcerer will be a full 22k sigil line rather than just a short 3k line. Each of these dragons will reach Harbinger class, with the mythic reaching mythic Harbinger. Each legendary line will cost 28k sigils to finish

  4. To obtain the upper-tier rider you’ll have to first obtain the 2nd legendary hunter and the legendary sorcerer

  5. The mythic rune of each seasonal dragon will now be a glyph so you’ll be able to attach the epic and legendary rune as well as the mythic glyph

  6. The discount Rider will be just like Kayla with all of the rider shards being in her 1st page and her page will be discounted for a limited time. Her 2nd page will be all of her armor


There is already a fairly in depth thread about this at the following link :slight_smile:

Springveil Stream Notes + Kingdom Wars


Thanks! Just thought i would share what I know about the new season

Hey, thanks for this. There’s already a topic but the way it was organized made it a little hard for me to read. This one’s worded well and easy to understand, so thank you very much :grin:

Oksana is actually coming out in week 3, according to the stream.


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