New seasonal ideas and dragons spells for winter


Maybe wise is not the word, but he’s very smart in how he goes about conducting his mischief.
But I’m biased toward the Marvel movie version of him, so don’t mind me butting in :crazy_face: :t_rex:


But when it comes to being wise, not so much since he’s evil. He may be cunning, smart, and a silver tongued trickster, but wise isn’t his forte


Evil people can be wise, even if they use their wisdom for what most consider “bad things”.
But alas, we’re getting off-topic. :t_rex:


Hmmm. Loki is the father of Jormungandr :joy::joy:


Yup and thats the thing I kill and kills me -.- Thanks brother


Damn this has brought up my penchant for mythology and now I want to go read again!


When I was in middle school, my sister gave me a book of Norse myths. Wonderfully written and quite fascinating, even if my twelve year old brain couldn’t understand all of it. I lost it somewhere, never found it. I always felt bad about losing it, ‘cause now my sister and I hardly see each other. :t_rex:


legendary hunter
passive: reflect elemental damage
passive: reflect mage shot
passive: reflect comming shot (including perch shot)
death shot (basically death stare but apply rage mark to surrounding area)


Wish we could get a yeti dragon this winter…totally white…


Idk. If you’re comparing Nec to Moonfang (?), they’re of different classes, apples and oranges. If you’re comparing Nec to either mythic hunter since? They’re also sorta better.

Also, Nec is an excellent set up dragon. Not really so excellent as a solo or clean up.


Ignore my earlier suggestion…let’s just make this really easy for PG to take our money.

Let’s have a Voltron dragon. Collect all five, and use their super-duper-mega-stones to combine them into a super mythic divine dragon version of Hauheset with Desicating sand as his normal attack and a white Crumble to dust. PG will love it because it will be the most OP dragon of all time AND it will require getting EVERY single item on EVERY single branch


I still think Norse or Greek mythology is a better thing to have a season be based off of


Spectral Form
Ethereal Chain
Mark of Twilight
Death Stare

:roll_eyes: \s


Let’s not have Greek, please. Norse works much better for winter anyways.

I know they just did Norse to finish out the Vanguard Mythics, but they would still fit for Winter next year as it is far too late to think up dragons for the next season


Spring season dragon ideas!


Lol. It would be hilarious if they already had the same theme planned. If they did I will take full credit for it😂


I would bet one of my accounts they have already begun planning spring season and are well past the brainstorming phase and into the design and art phase already.


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