New seasonal mythic dragon


Have you tried trying harder?


Well, glad to see that you take constructive criticism well. /s :t_rex:


This got an actual snigger off of me. Very good.

Edit: Second time I read it there was even a little giggle

  1. I refuse to read a wall of text with no punctuation. I have a hard enough time reading as it is sometimes, My poor eyes are getting worse as time goes on. I don’t like trying to read something that has no “breaks”. Honestly, try speaking that aloud. There’s a comma or period, you can take a breath. No comma or period, no breath. No it’s not grammatically correct but it is better than nothing. Not saying this to be rude, but that some of us will not consider even reading anything posted like this. I can decipher most misspellings and most chat speak, but when my eyes cross after reading what should be two or even three sentences and it hurts to read any further, I stop. Regardless of how much I was interested. So this alone will deter people from reading your suggestion, and yes you will get comments like this because of it.

  2. I was able to read the summary provided AeanaeA and I will have to agree. The concept is good but a white spell that destroys all towers is a no-go. Can’t have an “i win” spell. Do 300% damage for area of effect maybe. We now have a white death gaze introduces. What you are talking about sounds almost like a cheat. The other point is, no mythic should be “easy” to get. You want to have it not blocked by two other dragons, then fine. The mythic is full-price outright you just don’t get the extra two dragons. So you’ll still pay 87k sigils for one, but now you get 1 dragon instead of 3. Which I don’t like. You may not like the other 2 dragons, but you got them getting the mythic. You can use them if you so choose. It is supposed to be more expensive for a reason. You can get one f2p, but you have to save and work for it.

Now all that said, it would probably be a good concept if it was tweaked a little bit. Work on the idea behind it, flesh it out, and look at from both an attacker and defender point of view. The attacker should get an almost breeze through most bases, but well designed bases should be able to drop even a mythic fully defended. Balance it that way.


I peeked :see_no_evil:

Somehow, I saw desperation within this request…


We all want the things we consider to be unachievable, especially when we see others who have them. I think it is just human nature… from what I have observed. :man_shrugging: :t_rex:


Lol we already have too many black screens in game that arent intentional… or maybe they will now say that is our new style of attack… total black out… :rofl:


Wow. People give their honest opinion and constructive feedback (as soon as they understood your proposition) and they get flamed anyway…

I don’t pretend to know if a Night Fury was used to create Axi’s design, I was absolutely delighted Axi looked like Toothless as I’m a big fan of the series. I was only pointing out this part of your proposition was totally recognisable and so there was little to no chance it could be implemented.
I know I can be a troll at times to lighten up the mood, but it is friendly banter, not meant to be offensive. If I somehow hurt you, you have my sincere apologies :+1:

I’ll admit that I couldn’t finish reading your proposition for reasons others have mentioned, the lack of punctuation, but I also find their arguments valid about the destruction spell and the “affordable” Mythic. While blinding defenders so they can’t use new supershots or tools could be a new feature if brief, like a stun that breaks the 4th wall, destroying towers should come with a crazy cost, like 5.5 rages and your dragon dies right after casting it… :eyes:

If you want to get a Mythic more easily, it’ll have to come from lineage Dragons, not seasonal Divine. The earliest you can get them is Sapphire tier (which still take an awful time to get as free to play or elite if you’re a casual player). For an “easy access” brand new Mythic it’ll have to wait until “Unobtanium” tier is released after Vanguard… For most players it feels like a a long long time from now…

Edit :

Agreed, I got one during a war attack, it was awfully frustrating… You never get any warning signs for those bugs…


already happen with last season UI


Just for reference…they’re both based off axolotls. Axi just looks more like a real axolotl.

Edit: Though in fairness, axolotls don’t have to come in pink and white like this. Some of them can be darker colors.


Toothless has many more references than just axolotls and his flaps are actually horns if I remember well, not gills. Cats and dogs I’m not disagreeing with you however… For example you could imagine bats and birds (for instance) are somehow related through a winged ancestor, but they actually aren’t. They followed a similar evolution…

Edit : Oops, I’m totally diverging into off-topic… My bad😅


Lmao. Why bother having a flying dog? Have a dragon similar to Tarand that looks like a reindeer and have the seasonal rider be Santa Clause. Would be hilarious to blow up an entire island for 0 rage and all of a sudden “Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the Way!”


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