New Smartphone for War Dragons

Hi all
As title suggest i need a new smartphone.
Currently i have an ANDROID and i would like an IPhone but but I’m a little afraid of losing my account (due to the change of operating system).
anyway, which Android works great with War Dragons? Especially for ATLAS Lag.
Keep in mind that i don’t want a huge phone, my actual smartphone is 14.65cm long/tall.

@DragonPunch Is it possible to transfer an account from Android to iOS in total safety? Many thanks

Hey there :blush:

There are no issues changing from Android to ios.

Just ensure you have set an account up in full, and save your pocket ID just in case.

When you get your new phone (or any other device like a tablet/iPad) all you need to do is log in and it will open up your account.

I have an android phone and an iPad. It’s not unusual for me to use iPad during the day while at home, and use my android while out and about. For the same account :blush:


Ok thx. Then IPhone will be :smiley:

An additional note, Depending on what you refer to exactly about atlas lag.

Changing from android to iOS may not solve your problem.

If it is simply opening atlas and castle menus in non-busy areas iOS will definitely be faster

If you’re talking about being on a busy castle that is overloading the area, I don’t think it will really make much difference :see_no_evil:

I have always been android since Samsung galaxy s2. I recently swapped to iPhone. The new 13 pro max so whenever the release date was for that.

I can assure you there was no problems at all. And also, I do not regret the switch at all.
Got it on contract so had 14 days to cancel and send back if I didn’t like it. I love it.