New soul dance season preview!

Here’s a preview of the new season, thanks to taco!


Yes please thanks taco

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Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uhm

I don’t know what to say get or do

But which of is the healing spell for callavore
Got it same as fafnyr the passive heal the dragon

that hunter looks sexy :see_no_evil:


I have the same question it’s the mythic I’m gonna shoot for but I have no idea where it came from

The healing percentages seem to be between 8-10% each tower killed which is good for hunter cause they have much higher damage than sorcerer so they can live with the low heal from passive like this

What about season structure? Shall we have the same of this one or r u going to change again?
This one was pretry good

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hunter going to be op lol

That’s it, hunter for me yeah :partying_face:

White death gaze with cloak with 0 cooldown yes pls

Double blue you will die with this dragon, double red you’ll die with the current season mythic so lol the double mage layout is screw


many still not wearing blues and hauz ripples alot easier thru em lol pg toying with folks

I can easily pass double triple blue with zen while half asleepbut it just slow zen down not stopping zen

which is why location is very important which many fail to change what worked a few months ago wont work now!


What kind of rider is it?

Wow, definitely hyped for next season :heart_eyes: looks beautiful, very excited to see how those dragons perform…

No riders, portraits