New Spell for Cavaleris

I think it’s kind of ridiculous that we spend all these sigils on a seasonal dragon and have its best spell taken away and no one has done anything about it. Can we at least get a different spell? What are your thoughts?

War cry was his useless spell wasn’t it?

His mage dodging white shield was the only reason he was viable what so ever, a 10% boost in attack is nowhere worth the rage it cost

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He’ll get the old one back when the bug is fixed. But I agree that some sort of temporary replacement would be good.


I had to completely bench Cav. :frowning:

They have demonstrated the ability and willingness to do that in the past (with Sigurd at least). It still broke the dragon but at least we had something (can’t remember what they replaced his revive spell with).

With that phoenix ability

Afaik they said it would be fixed with 5.02, which I assume will be out today or tomorrow to bring us 85 towers.

I thought Rising Phoenix or some derivative was the spell that used to break? What did they replace it with when it broke?

I am not sure either I was just a child back then probably lvl 30 who didnt know what mythics were so… lol

No they replaced his rising phoenix ability with something else, perhaps white explody shield?
I’m trying to rack my brain…

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  • Reverse Projectiles (unlocked at level 1)
  • Rising Phoenix (unlocked at level 1)
  • Lightning Resist (unlocked at level 6)
  • Sacrifice (unlocked at level 11)

these are the spells , dont remember correctly tbh

I am sure rising phoenix was something else

He had rising phoenix
Rising phoenix broke/had bug
They replaced it with something else for 2 months while they fixed it
They gave him back rising phoenix

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well then I probably remember the time of giving him back his rising phoenix


I really had fun using war cry many times, to see how far the damage goes in invader bases.

i would love if they could make it more powerful ! like 20% … then i would have a lot of more fun by waiting before mages ! ^^

Sadly i doubt it… because his white shield can absorb a lot of rage… so it would be overused maybe ?
However… i really often use cavaleris when its up to a element battle or something too…
Its fun as long as no defender is there ^^

One time on a nice long base where the enemy was at latest states … i had really great time using 8-10 times war cry , and then switch to a friend… his hunter had really doubled+ damage B)

The earth island this temple raid was obnoxious since Cav is currently my only option for an earth dragon without using an inner fire. War Cry is a lame spell but at least it’s something for damage boost and better than nothing. I agree, he should have been given a temporary replacement spell if the fix wasnt going to go out quickly.

Did you get Haku? As he progresses he gets very useful for Temple raid and assault. I left mine at max Harb just for that purpose.

Haku is staying at emerald and Derp is staying at Obsidian forever for Guardians and Assault. I’ll have Meglok at the end of the season but for now Cav was my only capped earth dragon

It’s not a lot but War Cry was hurt by spell scaling when it shouldn’t have been so was 8 something % instead of 10% like it should be. Hopefully after the fix it’ll at least be back at 10%.

No it was not “spell scaling lowered to keep equal”. War Cry was already based off modified HP so shouldn’t have been touched, but did.

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Can’t you use Noctua for obsidian?

Up to you but he is very good at killing all the uber bosses for guardians. (edit Haku that is)