New Spell Idea - Morphing Mage Attacks

Mage towers drain rage with their attacks and freeze rage generation with their supershots. I would like to see a spell that converts mage attacks into damage dealing for a short time period.

Call it what you want, but it would turn any mage shot that would otherwise reduce you X% of your health instantly instead of sacrificing rage. Kinda like sacrifice but would not generate any extra rage for the loss of health, it just saves you what rage you had from the mage.

Also, to counter the mage super shot, instead of freezing rage the super shot would be converted into perhaps a poison shot that will drain Y% health over the time your rage would have otherwise been frozen.

There are pluses and minuses to the spell which would definitely add a twist to dragon flying. I am not experienced enough with the finer details to define the proper percentages to make the spell useful and not OP, but it would be something I could definitely want to equip on certain dragons.

If you wanted to complicate things a little further you could twist the regular attacks around as well, turning anything that would deal damage into rage drain (or some combo of lesser damage + rage drain), but I’m not sure how that might balance out with the first idea. Perhaps that could be an entirely different spell on its own.

Now I’m sitting here thinking of a dragon from a parallel universe where damage is rage drain and rage drain is damage. Two spells, one to convert the mage attacks, one to convert the damage attacks, flips the entire flying strategy around.

You idea is similar to one that i had. I wanted to make a spell that would block all mage supershots but still be reasonable.

Mirror Veil (white spell, ~FOUR or FIVE rage)

  • Turns the dragon’s scales into reflective mirrors which renders all mage supershots useless, but the spell can be smashed apart by a cannon super shot like any shield.

  • a different way to make this spell unique… The spell cost 0 rage but HALVES the rage generation of the dragon when it is active (stopped by cannon supershot) but if it does cost 0 rage it can only be used once!!!

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