New Spell Ideas

I’ve been wondering if any1 has any spells that they’ve come up with that they think PG should incorporate into the game. Well, so have I, so I’ve decided to make a thread just for that. I have some ideas of my own:

3 Rage
Basically a havoc on steroids. Only attacks w/ death gaze for 2 seconds, 6 second cooldown.

5 rage
can only be used once. Applies healing marks to all towers, then those towers are instantly killed, and gains anger for 7 seconds.

3 rage
10 second cool down. Destroys an island, and channels all HP taken from towers in the destruction into a phoenix dragon (a 5x better summoned dragon). If a phoenix dragon is already active, steals hp and gives back health to the phoenix.

This is all for now, but I’m coming up with more. Any one else have spels? What wouldn’t be as overpowered? PLZ let me know.


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Your answer is yes.


obviously. how make them not overpowered is the question. you know what? I’m gunna edit that post.

By not making them using Death Gaze variant (either as normal attack or area)


a white 5 tower death gaze that heals and then gives you 7 additional seconds of free death gazes? what could ever go wrong :see_no_evil:


An example of a strong offense and defense spell (non OP I guess) is Nova.
Area damage (not area destruction), heals HP and Rage, invincibility, and can be used only once.


lol good point mechenegg
ill take this into advisment

OK, how about this:

Elemental Flux
sorcerers only
2 rage
If there’s a tower on an island the same element as the dragon, the island gets to die. 5 second cooldown.

I don’t think towers have elements…

a dark flak is dark

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Other than totem of course

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a fire flak is fire

you know what i mean

I think you need to put a bit more time into the proposal, seems like you are rushing it.

so a dark dragon would just destroy any island with a dark flak in it o.0

lol ok.

I had an idea that would sand an island and place gloom clouds over it to kill the island, but after this, I’m not even gunna bother trying to fix that one.

You really seem to be focussed on the “kill everything instantly” spells which are overpowered in their own nature.

To combat this you need to put very very very heavy restrictions on when you can use them and how they are used. For example it would need a full 5 rage to use, making it almost impossible to cast, or it would be both red and blue in nature and cost 4 rage so that if a blue or red mage was present it wouldn’t be able to be cast.

Think of it like a scale, for every good thing or benefit you put into a spell, you need a counter bad thing


Dark Acts
Unique to Dark Dragons (obviously)
2 rage
A normal explosive shield that doesn’t damage towers, but rather places “Dark Roots” on the tower which increase damage taken by 15%. To respond to @mechengg, I’m clarifying the damage buff is AFTER the explosion.

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And Lightning? Trebuchet? Cannon? All the other towers? None of them have actual official elements.
I’m being a bit trivial but All of these spells seem like an instant “I win” button that would seriously imbalance the game.

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Sorry I didnt mean to put you down at all, I think any proposal is better than nothing, but at the same time, you should put more time into it and make it a bit more solid. It seems you are just writing down the first idea that comes to your mind.

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its ok I’m a level 40 with a piece of crap as a base I’m used to being put down.
and yeah. I’m writing down the first idea that comes to mind.