New Spell Ideas


Lol why would a noob as you said you were one…propose many new spells without much thought? It’s not like PG is going to take it in right away. Maybe think more about balance next time.


Given that it’s a death gaze with healing mark effect, I guess 1 rage is good. Just give it a cooldown (not too long though)


I’m thinking harder about it than I was before and I think that if it was to be implemented it should be a spell that can only be used once in a run. And not for one rage… @NightFury11390
Really, this can take out max level towers and heal the dragon. I don’t think this should ever be added but I like to entertain the thought.

Edit: Damn thing wouldn’t need a cooldown if it was only used once. I have not taken my nap today.


I think ill put a bit more thought in and show you guys what I have tomorrow.


I would like a white cloak. 1 rage, but only 2 sec active and 5 sec cooldown. More effectiveness in one use, and more damaging till the 2nd


I just realized that there are no earth towers, yet every other dragon element is represented in tower form. There’s even the extra lightning element, unless that’s supposed to be part of wind or fire…


a white healing instant kill all spell? isnt it an instant cast of 5 white death gaze and 5 white healing mark at the same time? Tidal surge, longer cooldown, longer to cast, heal less, not guarantee to kill

How about WHITE chilling quicksand spell that use 1 rage to block towers, radius of 5 towers, drain 5% hp each second and convert to dragon health until unsanded and freeze all the shot? oh no cooldown


Ever hear of Uproot?


Uproot only heals during the 1st, isn’t it?


I have a good one!!

Basically like a passive Evasion, EXCEPT for forums to avoid the hundreds of pesky duplicate topics?


But like Evasion, you won’t be able to dodge 'em all and you’ll still get OHKO’d by the evolution stones topics :wink:


We need a whole new category for those topics, there’s so many…


You might enjoy this
Oh look! That same thread again


YES!! I love this post.


OK OK OK I got it!




For every flak tower killed, Northern Lights (Dark) activates free of rage.

This is completely OP, so I’m thinking of making it “For every Flak tower of your element killed,” instead of “For every Flak tower killed,” since they’re gunna have a flak for every element eventually.
Oh and the "Life Gaze gets a cooldown of 2 seconds


Have been reading this post from the start and think I’ve come up with the ultimate spell.
End Game
White spell
6 rage
2 year cool down
Everything opened.:joy::joy::joy:


That is:

  1. Not completely OP because warriors struggle to kill even 1 tower on the kill island defended on most bases. Yes there are exceptions but generally. The concept of a white northern lights on a warrior (passive) would actually help sustain warriors. This spell may not be too bad on a dragon.

  2. Passive spells don’t have cooldowns lol


No air flak and no earth flak


I was talking about life gaze

There will eventually be, so this isn’t a spell that can be used now, but rather in the future.


How do you know? :thinking: