New Spell Ideas


He can see into the future :scream:


I heard somewhere


2/3 rage (Which one should it be?)
earth dragons only
shot decreases tower range AND increases damage taken; stuns any flaks for .5 seconds
Towers look like they’ve been engulfed by earthquake

Oh and since I gave life gaze a cooldown it now costs 1 rage, noting in original post


Maybe a 1 rage toggle ability where a hunter’s normal attack chains to 1-2 towers for 20% damage (or lower) while also giving you 50% ammo generation bonus due to the rage drain. We can add a bit of lifesteal where the attack that bounces heals you for 50% of the damage dealt (100K damage turns to 20K bounce damage so its 10K heal per hit)

if toggle is not good, then 4 second duration 6 second cooldown (total of 10 seconds) for 2 rage with no other bonuses and just the bouncing attack.


No toggle sounds great, very unusual and original. I’m working on half rage spells, but I would’ve never thought of that! Someone get the PG employees in here, I think we have some good ideas


I’ve came up with a few new spell ideas. One of them is:

Zing Dash(white, 2 rage): Zing Dash makes it so your dragon instantly gains a huge attack boost and when you tap on a tower, then the dragon using the spell will bounce off each of the nearby towers dealing massive damage, but in return dying after having hit every nearby tower. To put it in easy words: THE DRAGON GETS STRONGER, THEN YOU TAP ON A TOWER AND THE DRAGON WILL BOUNCE OFF OF IT AND CHAIN STRIKE THR NEARBY TOWERS AND THE DRAGON SACRIFICES ITSELF TO DO THIS MOVE. This spell can affect up to one full island of towers no matter what the size


@PGCrisis @Arelyna we need your wise judgment to see all these amazing ideas from fellow dragon lords and ladies


The name reminds me of a Pokemon move lol. The dragon itself would bounce off the towers or the fireball/shot would? :t_rex:

Aye what level are you? Just curious


The way you described it makes no sense. What bounces? How much damage? Kill The Dragon? 1 1/2 islands? what do u mean???


Read it now


The dragon would bounce off the towers


So like, a white havoc/chaos/whatever + self-destruct… Also, if it kills the dragon it wouldn’t need a cooldown. :t_rex:


Sorry, typo from old spell idea for me


I feel that all that’s in this thread are whole-island-killing-massive-damage-destroy buttons. Methods of these ideas are creative but “I win” buttons aren’t really all that fun. How about some littler spells that do other things beside instant destruction? :t_rex:


Okay, fine then, how’s this?

Nightmare Shield(White, 2 rage, 2.5 second duration, and 2 second cooldown): When used, the dragon is enveloped in a shield of darkness that protects it from any damage and blocks all supershots(Mage ss included) and the dragon will gain 60% of the damage absorbed as health


A white, 0-rage invincibility shield + healing with a really short cooldown?

Hahaha. Okay… :t_rex:


2 rage to be fair then, it does seem a bit op like elemental barrier


Isn’t this just white-variant Northern Lights?

imo the moment a spell becomes white it removes most strategy from it’s use ://


I have a better plan:

God Mode
Hunters, Sorcerers, Warriors
0 Rage
Basically, the dragon just kills everything and does not die.


Elemental barrier only works with healing from damage absorbed from elemental towers. This spell works with all towers, it’s an all towers version of elemental barrier