New spell rider ... what does the spell do?

I have looked through Forum several times the last couple of days, but can’t seem to find anything about the new spell rider and more importantly what the spell actually does.

Can someone help clarify?

It gains 2 rage for 10% dragon modifiedhp cost


Color: Blue
Cost: 1 Rage and 10% of modified HP
Effect: Gives 2 Rage


Dammit, you beat me by a few seconds. :frowning:

:joy: :joy: I can remove ?

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U need to follow official discussion thread for darkmire season. It’s easy.

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NO! :see_no_evil: It is set in stone.

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While the other answers were correct I would like to introduce you to the solution to all similar problems:
Neon War Dragons is an amazing resource that has its info based on the game files or for your specific question, here

Huge thanks to @Morreion for providing it and thanks to @Zamirathe for providing Morreion with said files

It’s a bad version of Sacrifice, which was already a bad spell to begin with


Existing sacrifice spells are blue and white spells that cost 0 rage and 7.5% of modified hp, but gives you 2 rage.

So yes, definitely a worse version of existing spells. :man_facepalming:t2:

@DragonPunch Can you hopefully reconsider the spell cost?


The cool down on this spell is also longer despite giving 1 rage instead of 2r, even when fully upgraded

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@PGJared @DragonPunch Someone should update the season chart. Champion rider is still a big question mark:

ETA: champion rider is the missing icon, not spell rider. Thx @ZeroDucksGvn

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champion rider*
The spell rider is the frog at the bottom next to Hildr

Except that Sacrifice isn’t available as a consumable, so we’re getting a weaker spell with an annoying cost and inconvenient drawback for the liberty of choosing which Dragon we bond it with.

Might work best if a dragon has a reliant way to regenerate health but sometimes needs a little bit more rage.

Won’t deny it would be nicer if the spell was better than this though…

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