New store mechanics

Did they change the store mechanics? It looks like each package level is on a rotation. So far, not very tempting

I saw the same packs when I was only getting ruby drops during attacks instead of bronze chests.

You can either uninstall/reinstall the game or you can clear your app data and cache without reinstalling. Clearing app data/cache is easier and faster.

Make sure you have a Pocket Gems ID first, then exit the game.

Go to:

App Manager
War Dragons
a. Clear Cache
b. Clear Local Data
You’ll wipe all your phone data off without having to reinstall. Then you can launch the app again, re-download all 600+ game files (towers, dragons, Atlas files, etc.) as you go without reinstalling the entire thing.

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Thanks :pray::pray::pray:
That took care of it. Think I might do that on a monthly basis.

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