New Support Portal and You


Hey folks,

Later this week (possibly as early as tomorrow) we are going to move all players from our old support tool to our new one. For most of you this will come with very few changes, other than

  • Better knowledge base
  • Ability to have multiple tickets open (no more one ticket for everything making for a confusing experience)

For agents we will have a number of better tools at our disposal to:

  • Track issues and promote issue importance within the team
  • Track individual player issues and maintain detailed player notes so an agent is less likely to miss an important detail
  • Add tools directly to our support portal to reduce interaction times and speed up analysis / resolution
  • Allow us to see if an article was read before sending a canned response, so we can assume players have taken that action and move on to additional troubleshooting

Please note that we’re still in the process of migrating tickets, so for now any open tickets you have will need to be recreated. (NOTE: If your ticket has already been escalated to our engineers it will still be worked on by our engineers. That goes through a completely different system.) We will give advance notice of this and provide your ticket number so you can create a new ticket and reference the old one.

Quality of PG FO support


Does the new portal mean that we’ll be able to view tickets from the site instead of only in-game?


Does this mean Android users can finally re open tickets like iOS users?

All of my tickets get closed with an auto response and no notification, pretty fed up with the lack of support.


Should be, yes. We tested on Android and iOS and were able to reopen multiple tickets.


Awesome! Maybe I can finally get answers to my missing rubies!


Okay! Looks like we’re going live with the new support portal today!


Still doesn’t work


It should as of about 10 minutes ago.


@PGJared What about > Game Info > Support still going to helpshift?


All the website / blog URLs are being updated.


Just looking for a confirmation @PGJared

Will we be able to see old tickets please, including month-old tickets or even ones submitted last year? I would really appreciate to check my old tickets to see when my tickets were best answered so I can improve my future tickets for better results, or submit tickets that could have been handled better to your attention if possible, so I can receive answers why it didn’t go well…

Thank you in advance.


It’s something we’re working on, but I can’t 100% say. We’re migrating tickets from the old system to the new one, but there may be a snag with identifiers. PG will be able to see all of your old tickets, but you might not be able to. We’re still working to try to make that happen though.


Lucky you! I’ve never seen a ticket after it was closed, I’m torn about being hopeful for the changes and knowing that nothing will change.


I don’t know what you are talking about, I have never seen a ticket after it was closed either. I have old screenshots, but not the full conversation. I want to be able to see my old tickets too…


I’m liking the new ticket system.


I can only see that one. Where is the new one? :blush:


It’s just when accessed in-game for now, though is valid :sunglasses:.


Thank you!!! :heart_eyes:
Was hard to get to support ticket lol


My first positive experience with support yay!

@PGJared another ticket submission I had asked me to send you a screenshot of a conversation we had in twitch whisper, please check your inbox for a message from me when you can thank you.