New Support Portal and You


I submitted 2 tickets and only got responses to my email account, not to my game account. Is this how it’s supposed to work? If it is then it isn’t helpful.


I received an email and in game response, they matched up as well, response in email stayed in line in game and vice versa


Thanks for the confirmation.

@PGJared I do not get in game followups to support tickets, they only come to my email account.


Great new supysteem ,
Only like to see , a popup whenn youre ticket has a respond .
And yess il hope to recieve very soon an answer on my trouble il have in PVP event, 9 hours remaing il miss out so many rewards , normaly KOH is for me event to reach final tier rewars with both my acca .


Nope, it should go to both.


Random small thing: Will timestamps make a return to the tickets? I’m only seeing a date. :see_no_evil:


Would these new tools include maybe rolling back Ember’s level?


Can’t say, sorry!


You can see timestamp info if you access the tickets through the website (rather than in game). But yeah, seeing time stamp stuff in game would be nice.

Edit below:
Oh wait, I can see time stamps in game on iOS. Forgot about that lol.


That’s okay. Honestly, I respect the time that you are willing to put in on forums for players.


@PGJared can you delay the new season by a few weeks cause I need Chimerak and haven’t got him yet


Yeah… that’s not going to happen. They’ll just say that you should plan better next time. (Or spend more money to get him).


What does this have to do with the new support portal? I’m confused.


Support are amazing now :heart:


@PGJared I was poking around for a support email for a teammate, and the PocketGems site still goes to the helpshift support portal.


Thanks! I’ll get that fixed.


Just noticed this bc it got bumped… what happened to less canned responses?? And more knowledge? If anything support has gotten worst. Way to go PG :upside_down_face:


Like in this thread?


Lol I was reading this like it was new . Lmao until I saw a post about chimerak lmao


Same. I was getting all excited like they might be doing something about the issues. Silly me.