New team! 7thKin

Yo! Sup WD. Me and a friend have decided to create a team. We are looking for some peeps To come help build it up. We currently are running from our alts though once we get enough peeps we will bring down our mains. Enough about that, bet your are thinking oh the games dying what’s the point. Actually we’ve thought of this and though well the game isn’t bad. The politics, drama, and snowflakes make this game meh. We want to create a team free from all that. We will play how we want and make the rules as we go. (No one likes rules so prob not much). If this message resonates with you, come try us out you seem fun. The fire we burn will not be put out. :fire:


Why did you pick that name? Just curous.

Friend thought of it. Pretty unique

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Like the ideal. Hope everything goes well. Good luck :facepunch:


Perthonally I prefer 4thKin


I’d prefer mother in law’s 8th kin. :joy:



Pumpkin :jack_o_lantern:

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