New team BladesOfRage, bronze2

Welcoming all new players 16 yrs old or above!
Must be an ACTIVE player, on daily, checking for wars, event, messages, etc
No slackers, or occaisional players.
We will be here to train you for higher levels, a lot more than I had when I started.
We will not go above Gold right now as I am keeping this as a training team and do not want Atlas world map expansion.
We can train you from level 1 on up!
Come join our apprenticeship! We will train you right and have fun at the same time.
Must speak and read English only!
I left my Sapphire 1 team due to not wanting Atlas. So figured I would train!
Looking for a few higher players as officers too, who would love to help train the best!
No drama!
Search team BladesOfRage and Apply.
Looking forward to meeting you!

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