New team for events

Hello guys I joined a new team during the treasure hunter stage of this latest gauntlet event and found that I could not participate in the event In any way what so ever. I was disappointed to find this out to say the least while I expect that I am blocked from contributing to my new teams overall team connections and team standings in the event.

I find it to hard to be punished personally as well by not even being allowed to gain any rewards for myself in event as well a bit harsh to deal with. My situation was this I was with a team that disbanded and made a team in bronze with only my self in it so I could collect egg tokens daily while I took some time to decide on what I wanted to do I eventually decided to join a new team.

I think you should look at how this works as punishing a player for joining a team by not allowing them any way to gain rewards in an event in anyway at all to hard to deal with. I can’t even go back as team no longer exists as I was soul player and when I left team was ended.

I think if this happens I think they should have the chance to play event on a personal standing but not have any influence on team standings in event.

If you recreate the team with same team name it may work. But it’s been known for a while now that you can’t move during treasure hunt.


Yep :point_up_2:t3: Should of waited

Yes I understand you can’t contribute to team efforts but to block you from the whole event completely in every way in both team and personally is wrong and needs to be looked into and changed so players can still enjoy the event personally as I said I expect not being able to contribute to team standings completely but personally no that’s out of order and unfair in my view

I agree with you 100%

Just because it’s known by some (certainly not everyone) doesn’t make it right.

I believe they implemented this to prevent people from team switching at the end and getting better prizes from the new team. I find that fair. However, I feel that barring people from their personal points is, well, not fair.
I at least think that there should be a warning before switching teams during an event. Something like “Are you sure you’d like to switch teams? You will not be able to participate in this week’s event.” :t_rex:


Doesn’t actually stop switching at end. You get the team prize of the team you are on at end of event regardless of when you joined the team. I don’t actually know what this is meant to prevent :man_shrugging:


Really? I swear it wasn’t like that before. I must not be thinking today :sweat_smile: :t_rex:

I’m pretty sure although haven’t tested it out for a while - but I’ve had people join the team and they said they got the prizes so :man_shrugging:

Back in the day, I used to jump up to sapphire teams (in the days when sapphire still had teams with less than 50 and auto accept :man_facepalming:) at end of events then jump back :joy:


No. It was implemented as an anti-sandbagging measure because (nearly) entire teams were dropping down leagues when the event island went up to get much easier personal prizes. No wars so no issues for their actual team with 1 or 2 people left on it. Then rejoin before the event ended and pick up the higher league team prizes. Anti-sandbagging measures are still woefully inadequate overall but this one makes sense, though it also serves as a trap for the unwary as in the OP’s case.


Yeah, that’s basically what I just said :sweat_smile: Didn’t think of the sandbagging thing though. That makes sense. :t_rex:

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