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I love your team name

Come check us

Lol I am set. thanks though bro

Maybe this will be my vacation spot for Kingdom wars. :rofl:

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Oh good… another team. That will make the game better :man_facepalming:


Why the hell would you make a new team when fricking P3 teams cant even maintain 50 anymore?

Why cause my wife wants her own team. You wanna tell her no. Please go ahead​:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Getting stronger everyday.

Doing good

Best luck my friend

Just be aware that you will unlikely be able to get 50 daily players.
Once you get up higher in the leagues a Team activity # under 80 for gold 1,2, and under 100 for higher leagues translates to “Easy War Win” and you will get stuck at a point of Gold 1-3

However if this is all good with you, having your own team might have its own perks, ie your wife is happy, and your the boss.

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Is this the type of leader or officer you want? Someone who thinks normal members are nobodies?


Really dude grow up

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Just making a point. Hope you learnt something today.


Nope not from you. Been playin 3 years I know stuff

Good. In that case I’ll just leave my post there instead of deleting it as I did earlier.

Good luck recruiting nobodies.

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Okay good luck learning how to play war dragons

Thanks! I learn something new everyday, such as how a player can play 3 years and still be level 239…


Not bad for not spending a dime and working for a living.Pretty cool​:+1::+1: but they love your credit cards