New Team Looking for Active Members

Are you tired of being under appreciated in your current team? Are you just looking for a fresh start to regain that love you had for War Dragon’s so long ago before it all became Politics? Than look no Further.

Hello, we are a group of experienced Players who wanted a Fresh start to the game. We are looking for active players who want to grow together as a family and move up the ranks together. Here in CameIot everyone’s opinion matters. Let us join forces and enjoy the game like the days of old.

Team requirements are quite simple. Wars are Mandatory. If you feel like you might miss a War inform an Officer Immediately. We understand that life happens. Event Participation is required with the exception of Fortification events as we would never want you to upgrade your base beyond your Dragon capabilities. Points in events vary beyond players based on real life needs but we do expect Participation even if you don’t hit the top prizes, at least you tried.

Level requirement at the moment is set to 50. Although if you have a friend you are helping grow the more the merrier.

Language Preferred is English.

Time zone requirement? There is none. We love having players from all over the world.

If interested in joining our wonderful band of Misfits Email Deadpool or apply directly to CameIot. (L is a capital i}

We hope to see you soon.

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