New team quest requirements

Why should people that don’t contribute daily to team quests get the chest payout?? Make it a daily participation requirement to obtain. Any other team tired of seeing their hard work benefiting freeloaders? Let’s get this changed.


They don’t?

0 in team achievements get 0 bonus. 10 gets full


if the measly payouts from quests are that important to your team then kick those that don’t do them and make it known to new applicants that it’s required :man_shrugging:t3:

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I agree it can be frustrating, but like other events there is a team and an individual component to the prizes. If your team has certain expectations for quest points you can make that known and hold people accountable.

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:smirk: Boot exists for a reason…


Fixes problem but very unfair. U can’t boot a member just cuz of not getting chest points. They might have participated well in events and wars. I think OP suggestion is good.

How about players getting 240 points and Not getting the prize (due to missing a day)? While other players can just get 50points and getting it?

Kinda unfair flawed mechanic.

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True. Have a baseline then. Booting won’t help the team.

We have atm. 10.

Well…It must be custom. The leader decides it. E.g… a bronze leader can go 30. A diamond leader can go 300. This is basic coding as they have already done most of the complex bits.

Edit: on a very different sidenote. Thanks for ur advice on flaks. I’m exited to build a new ice flak this Fort!

Dosnt need to be hard coded to be a custom requirement. You can have whatever requirement you want and deal with people that cant get it in whichever way you want.

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I am going to chip in here. Team quests seem to be an extra to me. There are a million and one chores players do to help their team. I’m fine with people hitting zero getting no rewards. That’s fair.

But if people have contributed to the team quests at all they really should get the rewards. We have so many “jobs” every day and event to do already. Having a performing member miss out on rewards they contributed to earning because they didn’t earn masses of quest points seems unfair provided they contributed something.

And if they are not performing in events as well that sounds like grounds for a boot


This seems relevant to this thread:


Looks better and good improvement.

Hopefully the “#” is a realistic number for those quests. Spend 10,000 energy wouldn’t be great.

I dunno about this… Some of these could be much much worse than follow and kill?
What if your only dragon needing XP is hatching?
What if you have to transfer 1 million wood?
Super/wildfire when you don’t have energy packs?

I see where this might be better, or abused…


Hopefully they will be accomplished as a byproduct of events for a reasonably active player.


Then again, PG is fond of making something easier/better and at the same time, painfully worse or nerfed. Pretty much their signature move…

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I mean from the wording earn XP would just be getting it from runs…so if you do atlas gold runs, even if you don’t have a dragon to level you would be set.

Transfering wood would depend on the number although I would imagine its something like the send 1000 wood 5 times we have now.

And I agree on the wildfire one. That gave me pause too. Although most active players should have chance to complete that since energy costs reset each day.